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Characterisation of plant tocopherol cyclases and their overexpression in transgenic Brassica napus seeds
Tocopherols, collectively known as vitamin E, are only synthesised in photosynthetic organisms. Tocopherol cyclase (TC) catalyses the formation of the chromanol headgroup of the various tocopherolExpand
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Asymmetric Syntheses Using the SAMP‐/RAMP‐Hydrazone Method: (S)‐(+)‐4‐Methyl‐3‐Heptanone
Asymmetric syntheses using the SAMP-/RAMP-hydrazone method: (S)-(+)-4-methyl-3-heptanone intermediate: SAMP-hydrazone (S)-2 intermediate: (S)-(+)-4-Methyl-3-heptanone SAMP hydrazoneExpand
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N-heterocyclic carbene catalyzed domino reactions.
While organocatalyzed domino reactions or "organocascade catalysis" developed into an important tool in synthetic chemistry during the past decade, the utility of N-heterocyclic carbenes (NHCs) asExpand
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Asymmetrische organokatalytische Dominoreaktionen
Der derzeitige Stand der organischen Synthese macht oft kostspielige Schutzgruppenstrategien und aufwandige Reinigungsschritte nach jeder Synthesestufe erforderlich. Um diese Probleme zu umgehen,Expand
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Durch N‐heterocyclische Carbene katalysierte Dominoreaktionen
Wahrend sich die organokatalytischen Dominoreaktionen (auch Organokaskadenkatalysen genannt) im letzten Jahrzehnt zu einem wichtigen Hilfsmittel in der Synthesechemie entwickelt haben, fand dieExpand
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Exploiting the electrophilic properties of indole intermediates: new options in designing asymmetric reactions.
Indole has been one of the most intensively investigated aromatic heterocycles. With the exponential growth of literature reports, especially in the two areas of organocatalysis and transition-metalExpand
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Merging organocatalysis and gold catalysis: enantioselective synthesis of tetracyclic indole derivatives through a sequential double Friedel-Crafts type reaction.
Annulated indoles, fused at the C2and C3-position, are chemically and biologically interesting as key structural motifs in many natural products and as pharmaceutically active substances.Expand
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