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Learning fuzzy cognitive maps using evolution strategies: a novel schema for modeling and simulating high-level behavior
Fuzzy cognitive maps (FCMs) are recognized as a flexible and powerful modeling and simulating technique. However, it is a relatively new methodology, which exhibits weaknesses mainly in theExpand
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Anamorphosis of fuzzy cognitive maps for operation in ambiguous and multi-stimulus real world environments
FCMs were presented in the middle eighties and extended through studies, which enhanced the basic principles and proposed domains of successful application. The special scientific interest about FCMsExpand
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Visual factory: Basic principles and the 'zoning' approach
This research proposes a method of organizing an effective information-transfer system design in a plant-working environment. The method is based on a combination of the visual characteristicsExpand
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Development of dynamic cognitive networks as complex systems approximators: validation in financial time series
Dynamic cognitive networks (DCNs) define a novel approach to functionalize cognitive mapping and complex systems analysis, which were recently supported by fuzzy cognitive maps (FCMs). The modelingExpand
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Fuzzy Cognitive Maps (FCMs) have gradually emerged as a powerful modeling and simulation technique applicable to numerous research and application fields. This primarily springs from the inherentExpand
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Intelligent controllers for bi-objective dynamic scheduling on a single machine with sequence-dependent setups
This article addresses the problem of dynamic job scheduling on a single machine with Poisson arrivals, stochastic processing times and due dates, in the presence of sequence-dependent setups. TheExpand
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A fuzzy sets approach to new product portfolio management
The evaluation of R&D projects in a high technology firm is very important. A lot of them quite often do not lead to new products as management did not take into consideration indexes such asExpand
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AbstractStock price forecasting constitutes a challenging research area. Diverse schemes (such as regression models, neural networks, neurofuzzy systems etc.) have been developed and applied; yet,Expand
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Automated optic recognition of alphanumeric content in car license plates in a semi-structured environment
Optical character recognition (OCR) encompasses a large number of applications, which have appeared in the scientific literature. The spectrum of applications ranges from simple character recognitionExpand
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Workspace analysis of realistic elbow and dual-elbow robot
  • D. Emiris
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • 1 May 1993
Abstract The geometry of the robotic structure directly influences the positional and orientational capabilities of a manipulator. Among the existing robot geometries, the ideal elbow and dual-elbowExpand
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