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ABSTRACT It is inferred from experimental data that in drying foodstuffs with superheated steam, the initial drying rate has a direct effect on the rate at which the overall drying takes place. ThatExpand
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Energy Consumption in Industrial Drying of Radiata Pine
This article reports the results of an exploratory study designed to reduce heat and electricity consumption in industrial drying of radiata pine. The experiments were performed with slightExpand
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Evaluation of Three Semi-empirical Models for Superheated Steam Vacuum Drying of Timbers
Abstract Superheated steam drying at sub-atmospheric pressure (SSV) has been successfully employed in Europe and Asia for drying some types of timbers, showing that drying time could be reduced byExpand
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The sorption of water vapour by chemically modified softwood: analysis using various sorption models
The sorption data for Corsican pine wood chemically modified with a homologous series of linear chain carboxylic acid anhydrides was analysed using various models, namely, BET, Dent, Le and Ly,Expand
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Mathematical modeling of moisture evaporation from foodstuffs exposed to subatmospheric pressure superheated steam
Abstract In this work, a reduced expression to calculate the drying rate of foodstuffs being dried with low pressure superheated steam is developed. It is based on a theoretical drying mechanismExpand
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Unidimensional Simulation of Drying Stress in Radiata Pine Wood
This article reports an experimental and numeric methodology for studying the development of internal stresses during drying of solid wood. For validation purposes, tests were performed for drying ofExpand
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Anatomical properties and process parameters affecting blister/blow formation in densified European aspen and downy birch sapwood boards by thermo-hygro-mechanical compression
Approximately, 13.5 % of the standing volume of productive forest land in Sweden is covered by birch and aspen, which provides the vast potential to produce value-added products such as densifiedExpand
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Drying with superheated steam: maximum drying rate as a linear function of pressure
Drying with superheated steam (SS) as heating agent is controlled through three operative variables, the steam temperature, the recycle velocity, and the system pressure. Once the other conditionsExpand
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A method for optimizing lumber sorting before kiln-drying
Drying lumber can be quite challenging when uniformity and consistency are required. Over-drying and under-drying are common causes for lower grade recovery and dimensional stability problems. It isExpand
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Kinematic characterization of the pressure-dependent PCM impregnation process for radiata pine wood samples
This paper reports on the properties of Pinus radiata wood impregnated with an organic phase change material (O-PCM). The tests are aimed at characterizing the kinetics of impregnation (rates, flows,Expand
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