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The Rise of African Slavery in the Americas
1. Slavery and freedom in the early modern world 2. The English, Dutch, and Transoceanic migration 3. Europeans and African slavery in the Americas 4. Gender and slavery in the Early Modern AtlanticExpand
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Nutritional trends in Africa and the Americas: heights of Africans, 1819-1839.
  • D. Eltis
  • Sociology, Medicine
  • The Journal of interdisciplinary history
  • 1982
Nutritional Trends in Africa and the Americas: Heights of Africans, I8I9-I839 Recent attempts to understand differences in the development of slave societies in the Americas have generated a numberExpand
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Atlantic History and the Slave Trade to Spanish America
WITHIN HALF A CENTURY OF COLUMBIAN CONTACT, the most powerful state in Europe had taken over the two most powerful polities in the Americas: the Aztec and Inca empires. From that point until at leastExpand
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The Importance of Slavery and the Slave Trade to Industrializing Britain
John Stuart Mill's comment that the British Caribbean was really a part of the British domestic economy, because almost all its trade was with British buyers and sellers, is used to make a newExpand
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Trade between Western Africa and the Atlantic World in the Pre-Colonial Era
IN 1728, PtRE LABAT, A FRENCH MISSIONARY and enthusiastic imperialist, advocated the introduction into Africa of a wide range of manufactured goods. Africans, he believed, would become "hooked onExpand
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The Rise of African Slavery in the Americas: Slavery and Freedom in the Early Modern World
B y 1700, the two European nations generally regarded as having the most advanced capitalist culture, England and the Netherlands, had moved further away than any country in Europe from subjectingExpand
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Fluctuations in sex and age ratios in the transatlantic slave trade
r 1he determinants of the age and sex composition of the transatlantic slave 1 trade have long been a source of historical discussion. Contemporaries, including participants in the trade, analysedExpand
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Coerced and free migration : global perspectives
A history of major worldwide population movements, free and forced, from about 1500 to the early-20th century. It explores the shifting levels of freedom under which migrants travelled and comparesExpand
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Breaking the Chains: Slavery, Bondage, and Emancipation in Modern Africa and Asia
Because the American history of slavery and emancipation tends to be foremost in Western minds, few realise that traditional forms of servitude still exist in a variety of places around the world:Expand
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