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Slipping into and Out of Poverty: the Dynamics of Spells
This paper examines the dynamics of poverty. Previous analyses of the dynamics of poverty have either examined only fluctuations in the male heads earnings or looked at the frequency of povertyExpand
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The Impact of the Earned Income Tax Credit and Social Policy Reforms on Work, Marriage, and Living Arrangements
  • D. Ellwood
  • Economics
  • National Tax Journal
  • 1 December 2000
This article examines the impact of the recent dramatic changes in the social policies, particularly the expansion of the EITC and Welfare reform on labor supply, marriage, and cohabitation. AlteredExpand
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Teenage Unemployment: Permanent Scars or Temporary Blemishes?
This paper examines the persistence and long-term impacts of early labor force experiences. The paper reports a rise in employment rates for a cohort of young men as they age, but points out thatExpand
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The Mommy Track Divides: The Impact of Childbearing on Wages of Women of Differing Skill Levels
This paper explores how the wage and career consequences of motherhood differ by skill and timing. Past work has often found smaller or even negligible effects from childbearing for high-skill women,Expand
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Welfare Realities: From Rhetoric to Reform
Preface * The Context for Welfare Reform Thomas J. Kane and Mary Jo Bane * Understanding Welfare Dynamics David T. Ellwood and Mary Jo Bane * Understanding Dependency David T. Ellwood * IncreasingExpand
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The Spatial Mismatch Hypothesis: are There Teenage Jobs Missing in the Ghetto?
This paper examines the hypothesis that the extraordinarily highrates of unemployment among black youth can be linked to a geographic mismatch between the residences of black youth and the jobs theyExpand
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Whither Poverty in Great Britain and the United States? The Determinants of Changing Poverty and Whether Work Will Work
Scholars emphasize that poverty in Britain has risen sharply since the late 1970s. Meanwhile in the United States, both official figures and traditional poverty scholars report sharp declines inExpand
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Anti-Poverty Policy for Families in the Next Century: From Welfare to Work--and Worries
This paper reveals that recent changes in social policy have included both sharp cutbacks in welfare for non-working families and dramatic increases in supports for low income working families. ItExpand
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An Empirical Reconciliation of Micro and Grouped Estimates of the Demand for Housing
T is not uncommon for estimates of the income elasticity of housing demand based on metropolitan-wide averages to be 60% to 90% higher than estimates based on individual household data. PriceExpand
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Poor Support: Poverty In The American Family
* Beyond Welfare * Values and the Helping Conundrums * The Transformation of Americas Families * Poverty Among Two-Parent Families * Poverty Among Single-Parent Families * Ghetto Poverty * Choosing aExpand
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