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The mathematical foundations of quantum mechanics
Classical mechanics was first envisaged by Newton, formed into a powerful tool by Euler, and brought to perfection by Lagrange and Laplace. It has served as the paradigm of science ever since. EvenExpand
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Multiple mechanisms of endocannabinoid response initiation in hippocampus.
Endocannabinoids (eCBs) act as retrograde messengers at inhibitory synapses of the hippocampal CA1 region. Current models place eCB synthesis in the postsynaptic pyramidal cell and the site of eCBExpand
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Intercollegiate soccer: Saliva cortisol and testosterone are elevated during competition, and testosterone is related to status and social connectedness with teammates
Men and women from a southern university's intercollegiate varsity soccer teams gave saliva samples before and after league matches. For the men, samples were collected for a single game ending inExpand
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Women's intercollegiate athletic competition: Cortisol, testosterone, and the dual-hormone hypothesis as it relates to status among teammates
Recent research suggests that testosterone and cortisol jointly regulate dominance motivation and, perhaps, the status relationships that are affected by it. For this article, the results of sixExpand
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Early androgen stimulation and aggressive behavior in male and female mice
Abstract The present series of experiments sought to determine the role of androgen in the neonatal mouse with respect to the development of brain mechanisms for aggression. Experiment 2 showed thatExpand
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Artscience: Creativity in the Post-Google Generation
Scientists are famous for believing in the proven and peer-accepted, the very ground that pioneering artists often subvert; they recognize correct and incorrect where artists see only true and false.Expand
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Early androgen treatment and male and female sexual behavior in mice
Abstract To investigate the role of neonatal androgen stimulation in the development of the potential for masculine and feminine sexual behavior in the mouse, different groups of mice were hormonallyExpand
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Oral contraceptives decrease saliva testosterone but do not affect the rise in testosterone associated with athletic competition
Women athletes from intercollegiate soccer, volleyball, and softball teams, and women skaters from a team competing in an amateur roller derby league, contributed saliva samples before warm-up andExpand
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Women's intercollegiate volleyball and tennis: Effects of warm-up, competition, and practice on saliva levels of cortisol and testosterone
In virtually all sports, participants "warm-up" prior to formal competition. Women athletes from a highly ranked varsity college volleyball team and, in a second study, a highly ranked varsityExpand
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Medial preoptic connections with the midbrain tegmentum are essential for male sexual behavior
The medial preoptic area appears to play a major role in the control of sexual behavior. Efferents from the medial preoptic area course through the medial forebrain bundle to pass through and/orExpand
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