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Post-traumatic stress disorder as a public health concern in South Africa
This article briefly surveys the extent to which traumatic events are a feature of life all over Africa and provides a comprehensive review of research that documents the pervasiveness of traumaticExpand
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Types of Case Study Work: A Conceptual Framework for Case-Based Research
This article describes a conceptual framework for understanding the phases of case-based research. Case-based strategies in research are widely used in case study methodology as well as in a numberExpand
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Critical perspectives on research on post-traumatic stress disorder and implications for the South African context
This article introduces a special issue of the Journal of Psychology in Africa on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in Africa and particularly in South Africa and examines the critical debateExpand
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Case studies within a mixed methods paradigm: toward a resolution of the alienation between researcher and practitioner in psychotherapy research.
This article addresses the long-standing divide between researchers and practitioners in the field of psychotherapy, regarding what really works in treatment and the extent to which interventionsExpand
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Treating PTSD in South African contexts: A theoretical framework and a model for developing evidence-based practice
Several psychological factors contribute to the development and maintenance of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) because they interfere with the emotional processing of the traumatic event. TheseExpand
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Sport psychological skills training and psychological well-being in youth athletes
The impact of psychological skills training (PST) package programs on life, health, well-being in general and South African youth in particular has been relatively neglected. For example, prior toExpand
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Development and Validation of the Xhosa Translations of the Beck Inventories: 2. Item Analysis, Internal Consistency and Factor Analysis
The Beck Depression Inventory-II (BDI-II), the Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI), and the Beck Hopelessness Scale (BHS) were translated into Xhosa, a language widely spoken in South Africa to yieldExpand
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Collaborative Versus Adversarial Stances in Scientific Discourse: Implications for the Role of Systematic Case Studies in the Development of Evidence-Based Practice in Psychotherapy
There is still a need for advocacy in the promotion of case study research because there has been insufficient appreciation of its role as a source of evidence relevant to the development andExpand
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Development and Validation of the Xhosa Translations of the Beck Inventories: 1. Challenges of the Translation Process
This article describes the translation of the Beck Depression Inventory-II, the Beck Hopeless Scale, and the Beck Anxiety Inventory, into Xhosa the language spoken in the Eastern Cape of SouthExpand
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Conscious and Unconscious
Series editor's preface Preface and acknowledgements Constructing and deconstructing the unconscious Conscious and unconscious in historical perspective Freud, Adler and Jung: contrastingExpand
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