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The design space of ultra-low energy asymmetric cryptography
The energy cost of asymmetric cryptography, a vital component of modern secure communications, inhibits its wide spread adoption within the ultra-low energy regimes such as Implantable MedicalExpand
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Terminology of geological time: Establishment of a community standard
It has been recommended that geological time be described in a single set of terms and according to metric or SI ("Systeme International d'Unites") standards, to ensure "worldwide unification ofExpand
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Geology of the Chenier Plain of Cameron Parish, southwestern Louisiana
The Chenier Plain of southwestern coastal Louisiana is a Holocene strand plain composed of wooded beach ridges (cheniers) and intervening mudfl at grassy wetlands. The mudfl ats form as progradingExpand
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A proposed framework for the interpretation of biomonitoring data
Biomonitoring, the determination of chemical substances in human body fluids or tissues, is more and more frequently applied. At the same time detection limits are decreasing steadily. As aExpand
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Energy-efficient implementations of GF (p) and GF(2m) elliptic curve cryptography
While public-key cryptography is essential for secure communications, the energy cost of even the most efficient algorithms based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) is prohibitive on many ultra-lowExpand
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The feasibility of memory encryption and authentication
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