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Infrared Spectrum and Structure of Intermediates in the Reaction of OH with CO
Upon vacuum‐ultraviolet photolysis of H2O in a CO matrix at 14°K, infrared absorptions of HCO, H2CO, HCOOH, and CO2 become prominent. Furthermore, new absorptions due to reactive product speciesExpand
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Spectroscopic Study of the Vacuum‐Ultraviolet Photolysis of Matrix‐Isolated HCN and Halogen Cyanides. Infrared Spectra of the Species CN and XNC
Vacuum‐ultraviolet photolysis of HCN isolated in Ar and N2 matrices at 14°K is found to lead to the production of HNC in concentration sufficient for direct infrared observation of all threeExpand
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Matrix-isolation infrared spectrum of the free radical CCO.
The photolysis of matrix‐isolated cyanogen azide in the presence of carbon monoxide at wavelengths shorter than 2800 A has been found to lead to the appearance of the free radical CCO inExpand
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Matrix isolation study of the vacuum ultraviolet photolysis of allene and methylacetylene. Vibrational and electronic spectra of the species C3, C3H, C3H2, and C3H3
Upon hydrogen-discharge photolysis of normal or deuterium-substituted allene or methylacetylene in an argon or a nitrogen matrix at 14°K, infrared absorptions of all of the C3Hn species with n < 4Expand
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The rotation and inversion of normal and deuterated ammonia in inert matrices
Abstract Infrared spectra have been recorded for all of the vibrational fundamental regions of NH 3 in argon, krypton, and xenon matrices, for the ν 2 fundamental region of NH 3 in neon and nitrogenExpand
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Matrix-isolation study of the vibrational spectrum and structure of the CO3− radical anion
Abstract Charge-transfer interaction processes which occur upon codeposition at 14°K of an Ar:CO 2 :N 2 O or an Ar:CO:O 2 mixture with an atomic beam of potassium lead to the stabilization of CO 3 −Expand
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Matrix‐Isolation Study of the Interaction of Electrons and Alkali Metal Atoms with Various Nitrogen Oxides. Infrared Spectra of the Species NO−, NO2−, and N2O2−
The infrared spectra which result when samples of NO2 are codeposited with the various alkali metals in an argon matrix at 4 or at 14°K are consistent with the occurrence of strong charge‐transferExpand
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Infrared Spectroscopic Evidence for the Rotation of the Water Molecule in Solid Argon
High‐resolution spectra of H2O, HDO, and D2O suspended in solid Ar have been observed in the range 4°—27°K. Evidence has been obtained for the rotation of these species in Ar matrices. The majorityExpand
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Matrix‐Isolation Study of the Infrared and Ultraviolet Spectra of the Free Radical HCO. The Hydrocarbon Flame Bands
The photoproduction of H or D atoms from a variety of sources in a carbon monoxide matrix or in an argon matrix to which a small concentration of carbon monoxide has been added leads to theExpand
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