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The phosphorycholine moiety of the filarial nematode immunomodulator ES-62 is responsible for its anti-inflammatory action in arthritis
Objective: In countries where parasitic infections are endemic, autoimmune disease is relatively rare, leading to the hypothesis that parasite-derived immunomodulators may protect against itsExpand
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The helminth product, ES-62, protects against airway inflammation by resetting the Th cell phenotype
Graphical abstract Highlights ► A worm-derived product, ES-62, protects against allergic airway inflammation induced by ovalbumin in mice. ► Protection is associated with resetting of the Th1/Th2Expand
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Dissecting Ascaris glycosphingolipids for immunomodulatory moieties – the use of synthetic structural glycosphingolipid analogues
We have previously shown glycosphingolipids of Ascaris suum to have phosphorylcholine (PC) and non‐PC immunomodulatory moieties. In the present study we further investigated the nature of theExpand
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Differential Polarization of Immune Responses by Plant 2S Seed Albumins, Ber e 1, and SFA81
The plant 2S seed albumins Ber e 1 and SFA8, although structurally very similar, vary with respect to their allergenic properties. Whereas the former represents a major allergen, the latter appearsExpand
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Dissection of the immunomodulatory effects of ES-62 on inflammatory autoimmune disease
The phosphorylcholine-containing glycoprotein ES-62, secreted from filarial nematodes, may have therapeutic potential in autoimmune inflammatory disease as it has been shown to possess the ability toExpand
Rzepecka, Justyna and Siebeke, Ivonne and Coltherd, Jennifer and Kean, Dorothy and Steiger, Christina and Al-Riyami, Lamyaa and McSharry, Charles and Harnett, Margaret and Harnett, William (2013) The
28 We previously demonstrated inhibition of ovalbumin-induced allergic airway hyper-responsiveness in 29 the mouse using ES-62, a phosphorylcholine-containing glycoprotein secreted by the filarialExpand
Dissection of the mechanisms of action of ES-62 in inflammatory disease.
Filarial nematode parasite infections are endemic in developing countries of the Tropics. Collectively known as filariasis, these helminth parasite infections can occasionally induce grossExpand
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