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Local‐field effects and effective‐medium theory: A microscopic perspective
Standard textbook derivations of the Clausius–Mossotti (Lorentz–Lorenz) relation tend to obscure the physical origin of local‐field effects by proceeding from the macroscopic dielectric function ofExpand
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Expanding horizons: new developments in ellipsometry and polarimetry
This is the eighth in the aperiodic series of ellipsometry conferences, and the third devoted specifically to spectroscopic ellipsometry. I discuss the evolution of the field mainly from aExpand
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Analytic representations of the dielectric functions of materials for device and structural modeling
Abstract Analytic representations of the dielectric function e are needed for the analysis of optical data of complex materials and structures. Here, we examine various harmonic-oscillator-basedExpand
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Plasmonics and effective-medium theories
The field of plasmonics has recently undergone a renaissance with the development of methods that can systematically produce structures on submicron scales. Plasmons, plasmon polaritons, andExpand
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Schottky-barrier electroreflectance of Ge: Nondegenerate and orbitally degenerate critical points
Critical-point energies, broadening parameters, line-shape asymmetries, interband reduced masses, and polarization anisotropies are measured for the ${E}_{0}$, ${E}_{0}+{\ensuremath{\Delta}}_{0}$,Expand
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Simplified bond-hyperpolarizability model of second harmonic generation
We show that the anisotropies of second-harmonic-generation (SHG) intensities of vicinal (111) and (001)Si-SiO 2 interfaces can he described accurately as dipole radiation originating from theExpand
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Dielectric functions and interband transitions of InxAl1 - xP alloys
Abstract We report pseudodielectric functions from 1.5 to 6.0 eV of InxAl1 − xP ternary alloy films. Data were obtained by spectroscopic ellipsometry on 1.2 μm thick films grown on (001) GaAsExpand
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Systematic differences among nominal reference dielectric function spectra for crystalline Si as determined by spectroscopic ellipsometry
Abstract Results of the first systematic investigation of differences among reference-quality ellipsometrically measured pseudodielectric function 〈e〉 spectra of crystalline Si are discussed. TheseExpand
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