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The effect of chronic exposure to formaldehyde, phenol and organic chlorohydrocarbons on peripheral blood cells and the immune system in humans.
The aim of this study was to evaluate immunological, hematological and biochemical parameters in subjects chronically exposed to inhaled formaldehyde (F), phenol (Ph) and isomers of organicExpand
Primary perivascular epithelioid cell tumor (PEComa) of the liver: Report of a case
PEComa is very rare mesenchymal neoplasm which is formed by perivascular epithelioid cells and is characterized by dual melanocytic and myoid differentiation. Up to now only a very few cases ofExpand
[Central pontine myelinolysis--case report].
Central pontine myelinolysis (CPM) is a neurologic disorder, consists of demyelinisation without inflammation in the base of pons, with a relative sparing of the axons and the nerve cells. ClinicalExpand
[Cognitive disturbances observed in chronic hepatitis C patients during pegylated interferon alpha and ribavirin therapy].
UNLABELLED Chronic hepatitis C (CHC) patients treated with peg-interferon alpha and ribavirin (peg-IFNalpha/RBV) complain of irritability, attention and memory disturbances which may indicateExpand
Increase in antipyrine clearance in workers exposed to phenol and toluene in the petrochemical industry.
In 90 workers of the petrochemical industry occupationally exposed to a mixture of petroleum derivatives, including 60 persons exposed mainly to phenol and 30 to toluene, the metabolic activity ofExpand
Effect of thymic extract on allogeneic MLR and mitogen-induced responses in patients with chronic active hepatitis B.
Cell-mediated immune reactions are involved in the development of chronic active hepatitis (CAH-B). The present studies confirm that lymphocyte from patients with CAH-B have a decreased allogeneicExpand
[Sylimarol in the treatment of acute viral hepatitis].
Alterations in the erythrocyte plasma membranes in patients with alcohol-induced liver cirrhosis – preliminary results
Introduction Conformations of membrane proteins, membrane fluidity of erythrocytes in patients with AILC were studied with the use of electron paramagnetic resonance and spectrophotometric methods.Expand
[Is healthcare personnel the only professional group exposed tothe risk of occupational HBV, HCV or HIV infections?].
BACKGROUND Our paper presents the problem of exposure to potentially infectious material among health care workers, and also in police officers, prison guards, cleaning service personnel and ordinaryExpand
Treatment with thymic extract TFX for chronic active hepatitis B.
Eighteen patients with biopsy-proven chronic active hepatitis B (CAHB) and a significantly lowered CD4+/CD8+ cell number ratio were treated with thymic factor X (TFX): group I (n = 12) - for 12Expand