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English Square minuscule script: the background and earliest phases
In the long history of the Insular system of scripts, the tenth century marks for England a decisive stage. Within the narrow confines of that eraq we may observe numerous ecclesiastical developmentsExpand
Kings, Currency and Alliances: History and Coinage of Southern England in the Ninth Century
Simon Keynes (Trinity College, University of Cambridge). King Alfred and the Mercians - Thomas Charles-Edwards (Jesus College, University of Oxford). Alliances, Godfathers, Treaties and Boundaries -Expand
The eastern terminus of the Antonine Wall: 12th- or 13th-century evidence
A crucial element in the recent definition of the eastern end of the Antonine Wall has been the testimony of early modern antiquaries. The claim of the now-favoured choice of Carriden (West Lothian)Expand
The Anglian collection of royal genealogies and regnal lists
This collection of Old English royal records is found in four manuscripts: London, British Library, Cotton Vespasian B. vi; London, British Library, Cotton Tiberius B. v, vol. 1; Cambridge, CorpusExpand
Histories and Pseudo-Histories of the Insular Middle Ages
Contents: Foreword Sub-Roman Britain: history and legend On the north British section of the Historia Brittonum The Welsh Latin annals Some aspects of the chronology of the Historia Brittonum TheExpand
On Editing and Translating Medieval Irish Chronicles : The Annals of Ulster
Presentation de " A. of U. " (jusqu'en 1131) 1ere partie. Texte et traduction, edites par Sean Mac Airt et Gearoid Mac Niocaill. Dublin : Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies. 1983