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Eskimos and Aleuts
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Measurements of the Marine Reservoir Effect on Radiocarbon Ages in the Eastern Bering Sea
The marine reservoir effect is known to skew radiocarbon dating (marine samples appear "older" than terrestrial samples of equivalent age), but the magnitude of this effect is not the same in allExpand
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Eskimo and Aleuts On the Alaska Peninsula: a Reappraisal of Port Moller Affinities
Documentary sources suggest that in the 19th century the southwesternmost "boundary of Eskimo peoples on the Alaska Peninsula lay somewhere to the east of Port Molle r. The distribution of relevantExpand
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Disease and the Development of Inuit Culture [and Comments and Reply]
Early ethnographic descriptions of the Inuit, the original inhabitants of Arctic Canada and Greenland, depict a culture and society assumed to have been relatively untouched by European influence.Expand
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Archaeology on the Alaska Peninsula: The Naknek Region, 1960-1975
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The Norton tradition
The interrelationships of component units of the Norton tradition-cultures known as Choris, Norton, and Ipiutak-are reexamined and the tradition, defined more than twenty years ago, is found to be aExpand
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Prehistory Of The Bering Sea Region
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