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Effects of surgical or banding castration on stress responses and behaviour of bulls.
The banding procedure produced fewer acute effects, but a greater suppression of growth than surgical castration and induced prolonged wound formation in the older age group, suggesting that this procedure may not be as suitable for yearling cattle.
A comparison between 15 ram breeds for export lamb production 1. Liveweights, body components, carcass measurements, and composition
The longer‐woolled Romney, Merino, and Lincoln had lowest dressing‐out percentages based on full liveweights and the short finer‐wooled breeds such as the Southdown, Dorset Down, and Poll D...
Effect of sire breed (Southdown, Suffolk), sex, and growth path on carcass composition of crossbred lambs
The effect of the different nutritional treatments applied in this study was not consistent on GR or any other carcass measurements.
The effects of stationary periods and external temperature and humidity on thermal stress conditions within sheep transport vehicles
Temperature-humidity index increases could occur on stationary sheep transport vehicles at most daytime ambient temperatures during summer, and drivers are best advised to park their vehicles where there is airflow, and to minimise the duration of stops where possible.
Dressing percentages of lambs
Lambs with carcasses in the leaner A and Y grades dressed lower than lambs in the fatter pre 1983-84 P grade when compared at the same live weight, illustrating that DO% increases as lambs get fatter.