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Doing Research: Methods of Inquiry for Conflict Analysis
Preface Prologue Doing Research on Conflict Part Introduction Why Do Research? Research Foundations: Debating Points Research Motivations, Assumptions, Questions Some Contributions from Research onExpand
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Nationalism, patriotism, and group loyalty: A social psychological perspective
The purpose of this essay is to introduce the reader to a social psychological perspective on the roots of nationalism. At its heart is the description of how individuals develop feelings about andExpand
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Determinants of Compromising Behavior in Negotiation
Effects of nine variables on compromising behavior and time to resolution were evaluated by a meta-analysis of published bargaining experiments reported over a 25-year period. The strongest effectExpand
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Learning, Remembering, Believing: Enhancing Human Performance
Can such techniques as sleep learning and hypnosis improve performance? Do we sometimes confuse familiarity with mastery? Can we learn without making mistakes? These questions apply in the classroom,Expand
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Onstage or behind the scenes? Relative learning benefits of simulation role-play and design
In this article, the authors report the results of two experiments that explored hypotheses about the relative learning advantages of role-play and scenario design. The experiments were conductedExpand
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Theory, research, and practice
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International conflict resolution after the Cold War
Preface Conflict Resolution in a Changing World Committee on International Conflict Resolution Traditional and Emerging Strategies for International Conflict Resolution What Works in a Changed World?Expand
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Evaluating Peace Operations
There has been a great deal written on why peace operations succeed or fail.... But how are those judgments reached? By what criteria is success defined? Success for whom? Paul Diehl and DanielExpand
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Enhancing Human Performance: Issues, Theories, and Techniques
Abstract : At the requests of the U.S. Army Research Institute, the National Research Council formed a committee to assess the field of techniques that are claimed to enhance human performance. TheExpand
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Enhancing organizational performance
Total quality management (TQM), reengineering, the workplace of the twenty-first century--the 1990s have brought a sense of urgency to organizations to change or face stagnation and decline,Expand
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