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Bifurcation phenomena in incompressible sudden expansion flows
A numerical study of laminar incompressible flows in symmetric plane sudden expansions was carried out. Computations were performed for various Reynolds number and expansion ratios. The resultsExpand
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An improved reconstruction method for compressible flows with low Mach number features
This paper proposes a simple modification of the variable reconstruction process within finite volume schemes to allow significantly improved resolution of low Mach number perturbations for use in mixed compressible/incompressible flows. Expand
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High-Resolution Methods for Incompressible and Low-Speed Flows
Fundamental Physical and Model Equations.- The Fluid Flow Equations.- The Viscous Fluid Flow Equations.- Curvilinear Coordinates and Transformed Equations.- Overview of Various Formulations and ModelExpand
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The influence of initial conditions on turbulent mixing due to Richtmyer–Meshkov instability†
This paper investigates the influence of different three-dimensional multi-mode initial conditions on the rate of growth of a mixing layer initiated via a Richtmyer–Meshkov instability through aExpand
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On respiratory droplets and face masks
Face mask filters—textile, surgical, or respiratory—are widely used in an effort to limit the spread of airborne viral infections. Our understanding of the droplet dynamics around a face mask filter,Expand
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Exact and approximate solutions of Riemann problems in non-linear elasticity
A new iterative method for finding exact solutions of the Riemann problem in non-linear elasticity is presented. Expand
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Advances in turbulent flow computations using high-resolution methods
Abstract The paper reviews research activity in connection with the use of high-resolution methods in turbulent flow computations. High-resolution methods have proven to successfully compute a numberExpand
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Richtmyer–Meshkov turbulent mixing arising from an inclined material interface with realistic surface perturbations and reshocked flow
This paper presents a numerical study of turbulent mixing due to the interaction of a shock wave with an inclined material interface. The interface between the two gases is modeled by geometricalExpand
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On coughing and airborne droplet transmission to humans
Our understanding of the mechanisms of airborne transmission of viruses is incomplete. This paper employs computational multiphase fluid dynamics and heat transfer to investigate transport,Expand
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Boundary slip dependency on surface stiffness.
The paper investigates the effects of surface stiffness on the slip process aiming to obtain a better insight of the momentum transfer at nanoscale. The surface stiffness is modeled through theExpand
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