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Unitary isobar model --MAID2007
Abstract.The unitary isobar model MAID2007 has been developed to analyze the world data of pion photo- and electroproduction. The model contains both a common background and several resonance terms.Expand
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A unitary isobar model for pion photo- and electroproduction on the proton up to 1 GeV
Abstract A new operator for pion photo- and electroproduction has been developed for nuclear applications at photon equivalent energies up to 1 GeV. The model contains Born terms, vector mesons andExpand
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Dispersion relations in real and virtual Compton scattering
Abstract A unified presentation is given on the use of dispersion relations in the real and virtual Compton scattering processes off the nucleon. The way in which dispersion relations for ComptonExpand
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Higher order polarizabilities of the proton
Compton scattering results are used to probe proton structure via measurement of higher order polarizabilities. Values forp2 ,� p E2 ,� p Eν , � p determined via dispersion relations are compared toExpand
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Proton spin polarizabilities from polarized Compton scattering
Polarized Compton scattering off the proton is studied within the framework of subtracted dispersion relations for photon energies up to 300 MeV. As a guideline for forthcoming experiments, we focusExpand
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Dispersion-theoretical analysis of the nucleon electromagnetic form factors
Abstract Dispersion relations allow for a coherent description of the nucleon electromagnetic form factors measured over a large range of momentum transfer, Q 2 ⋍ 0–35 GeV 2 . Including constraintsExpand
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An isobar model for eta photo- and electroproduction on the nucleon
An isobar model containing Born terms, vector meson exchange and nucleon resonances is used to analyze recent eta photoproduction data for cross section and beam asymmetry, as well as JLabExpand
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Structure analysis of the virtual Compton scattering amplitude at low energies
Published in: Phys. Rev. C 57 (1998) 941-952 Citing articles (CrossRef) citations recorded in [Science Citation Index] Abstract: We analyze virtual Compton scattering (VCS) off the nucleon at lowExpand
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The GDH sum rule and related integrals
The spin structure of the nucleon resonance region is analyzed on the basis of our phenomenological model MAID. Predictions are given for the Gerasimov-Drell-Hearn sum rule as well as generalizedExpand
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Photo- and electroproduction of eta mesons
Eta photo- and electroproduction off the nucleon is investigated in an effective lagrangian approach that contains Born terms and both vector meson and nucleon resonance contributions. In particular,Expand
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