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Excellent Public Relations and Effective Organizations: A Study of Communication Management in Three Countries
Contents: Preface. Excellence in Public Relations and Communication Management: A Review of the Theory and Results. Methodology of the Excellence Study. Isolating the Excellence Factor. The Value ofExpand
Manager's Guide to Excellence in Public Relations and Communication Management
Contents: Preface. What Is Communication Excellence? Part I: Communicator Knowledge Base. Knowing How to Manage Strategically. Knowing Two-Way Communication Practices. Knowing TraditionalExpand
Using Research in Public Relations: Applications to Program Management
PART I. 1. The Role of Research in Public Relations. 2. Using Research to Plan Programs. 3. Using Research to Monitor Programs. 4. Using Research to Evaluate Programs. PART II. 5. Designing theExpand
Liberating the Intellectual Domain From the Practice: Public Relations, Activism, and the Role of the Scholar
Unlike practitioners, public relations scholars must consider unintended consequences of public relations practices at the societal and individual levels. By extending the domain in this way, logicalExpand
Evolution of the Manager Role in Public Relations Practice
We conducted a comparison of public relations manager role enactment in 1979 and 1991. Using independent systematic samples of Public Relations Society of America members in 1979 (N = 440) and 1991Expand
Advancement for public relations role models
In this update of Glen Broom's 1979 survey of public relations practitioners, the authors have returned to the original participants to collect data on advancement from entry-level technician levelsExpand
Program evaluation and the roles of practitioners
Pressure from several corners is forcing public relations practitioners to think about ways to measure and evaluate public relations impact. Professional associations and publications are providingExpand
Maintaining the Double Standard: Portrayals of Age and Gender in Popular Films
An analysis of the top 100 domestic grossing films of 2002 found evidence of a lingering double standard for aging female and male characters. Overall, major male characters outnumbered major femaleExpand
Constructing Gender Stereotypes Through Social Roles in Prime-Time Television
Using a sample of 124 prime-time television programs airing on the 6 broadcast networks during the 2005–06 season, this study examined the social roles enacted by female and male characters. TheExpand