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Maximizing the reliability of cross-national measures of presidential power
This article aims to maximize the reliability of presidential power scores for a larger number of countries and time periods than currently exists for any single measure, and in a way that isExpand
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The Legitimacy of Political Institutions
Populism is an enduring feature of Latin American electoral democracies. Within the past decade, scholars have witnessed the political ascendancy of populist politicians from both the left and rightExpand
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The Determinants of Privatization: a Comparative Analysis of Developing Countries
Abstract Privatization has altered the traditional relationship between the state and the productive sector. However, only a handful of empirical studies concerned with the determinants ofExpand
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Measuring Legislative Power: An Expert Reweighting of the Fish‐Kroenig Parliamentary Powers Index
The Parliamentary Powers Index (PPI) developed by Fish and Kroenig (2009) is the most important effort to date to measure legislative power in cross-national perspective, but it has been criticizedExpand
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Cost Control: A Strategic Guide
A combination of factors including slow (or negative) economic growth, intensified cross-border competition, rapidly changing and more costly technological developments, have provoked managers toExpand
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Remittances and Social Spending
  • D. Doyle
  • Economics
  • American Political Science Review
  • 1 November 2015
Remittances are a significant source of foreign exchange for developing economies. I argue that remittances, due to their compensation and insurance functions, will increase the general income levelExpand
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Attitudes, Ideological Associations and the Left–Right Divide in Latin America
Do Latin American citizens share a common conception of the ideological left–right distinction? And if so, is this conception linked to individuals’ ideological self-placement? Selecting questionsExpand
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Politics and Privatization: Exogenous pressures, domestic incentives and state divestiture in Latin America
Despite a pervasive trend towards state retrenchment in Latin America since the 1980s, there remains significant variation in the levels of privatization across the region. However, very fewExpand
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A comparative framework: How broadly applicable is a ‘rigorous’ critical junctures framework?
The paper tests Hogan and Doyle's (2007, 2008) framework for examining critical junctures. This framework sought to incorporate the concept of ideational change in understanding critical junctures.Expand
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The remaking of Irish-america, 1845–80
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