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Expression and biological characterization of an anti-CD20 biosimilar candidate antibody
The CD20 molecule is a non-glycosylated protein expressed mainly on the surface of B lymphocytes. In some pathogenic B cells, it shows an increased expression, thus becoming an attractive target forExpand
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A cytotoxic humanized anti-ganglioside antibody produced in a murine cell line defective of N-glycolylated-glycoconjugates.
Gangliosides containing the N-glycolyl (NGc) form of sialic acid are tumor-associated antigens and promising candidates for cancer therapy. We previously generated the murine 14F7 monoclonal antibodyExpand
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Antitumor and cytotoxic properties of a humanized antibody specific for the GM3(Neu5Gc) ganglioside.
Gangliosides are sialic acid-bearing glycosphingolipids expressed on all mammalian cell membranes, and participate in several cellular processes. During malignant transformation their expressionExpand
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GM3(Neu5Gc) ganglioside: an evolution fixed neoantigen for cancer immunotherapy.
Numerous molecules have been considered as targets for cancer immunotherapy because of their levels of expression on tumor cells, their putative importance for tumor biology, and relativeExpand
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Recombinant AAV-mediated in vivo long-term expression and antitumour activity of an anti-ganglioside GM3(Neu5Gc) antibody
The ganglioside GM3(Neu5Gc) has gained increasing attention as therapeutic target because of its selective expression in various human tumours, such as melanoma, breast and lung cancer. 14F7 is aExpand
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Antitumor effects of the GM3(Neu5Gc) ganglioside-specific humanized antibody 14F7hT against Cmah-transfected cancer cells
The GM3(Neu5Gc) ganglioside represents a tumor-specific antigen that is considered a promising target for cancer immunotherapy. We previously demonstrated that the humanized antibody 14F7hT, specificExpand
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