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TeV Gamma-Ray Survey of the Northern Hemisphere Sky Using the Milagro Observatory
Milagro is a water Cerenkov extensive air shower array that continuously monitors the entire overhead sky in the TeV energy band. The results from an analysis of ~3 yr of data (2000 December-2003Expand
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The Milagro Gamma-Ray Observatory employs a water Cerenkov detector to observe extensive air showers produced by high-energy particles interacting in the Earth's atmosphere. Milagro has a wide fieldExpand
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Evidence for TeV gamma-ray emission from a region of the galactic plane.
Gamma-ray emission from a narrow band at the galactic equator has previously been detected up to 30 GeV. We report evidence for a TeV gamma-ray signal from a region of the galactic plane by Milagro,Expand
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Search for very high energy gamma rays from WIMP annihilations near the Sun with the Milagro detector
The neutralino, the lightest stable supersymmetric particle, is a strong theoretical candidate for the missing astronomical 'dark matter'. A profusion of such neutralinos can accumulate near the SunExpand
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Observation of the Decay ?_{c}?ff and Determination of the ?_{c} Spin and Parity
In a study of 2.7 million J/psi decays with the Mark III, a new magnetic detector at SPEAR, we have observed the sequential decay J/psi..--> gamma..eta/sub c/, eta/sub c/..-->..phiphi. The productExpand
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The SLAC Mark II Upgrade Drift Chamber Front End Electronics
The SLAC Mark II detector is being improved by the addition of a new main drift chamber and associated electronics to prepare it for operation as the first detector at SLC. Presented here are theExpand
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Performance of the electrical module prototypes for the ATLAS silicon tracker
Electrical modules for the ATLAS Silicon Tracker (SCT) have been fabricated and tested. Expand
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Milagrito, a detector sensitive to very high energy gamma rays, monitored the northern sky from 1997 February through 1998 May. With a large field of view and a high duty cycle, this instrument wasExpand
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