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POLICING AND PUBLIC HEALTH Law Enforcement and Harm Minimization in a Street-level Drug Market
This article describes the impact of street-level law enforcement on Australia's principal heroin market. Based on three years of research, including interviews and extended ethnographic fieldwork,Expand
Law in policing : legal regulation and police practices
1. Theories of Law in Policing 2. Police Powers: Law in the Books and Elsewhere 3. Policing by Law and Policing by Consent 4. Detention for Questioning in England and Wales 5. The LegalExpand
The politics of police reform
In 1997, the Wood Royal Commission into the New South Wales Police Service concluded that a state of `systemic and entrenched corruption' existed in the police organization. Major reforms wereExpand
From Prohibition to Regulation: Bookmaking, Anti-Gambling, and the Law
Anti-gambling in late Victorian and Edwardian society the NAGL's campaign against racecourse bookmaking the prohibition of street betting gambling and the NAGL 1906-1919 an alternative to prohibitionExpand
The Cost of Crackdowns: Policing Cabramatta's Heroin Market
At a time of increasing enthusiasm for proactive crime control, this paper draws on extended research in Cabramatta, Sydney's principal street-level heroin market, to caution that crackdowns on suchExpand
Urban Design for an Urban Century: Shaping More Livable, Equitable, and Resilient Cities
The book begins with an historical survey of trends and practices in Western urban design—from the earliest organic cities to the rise and subsequent decline of industrialized cities—as a foundationExpand
Questioning Suspects: A Comparative Perspective
This article contrasts the ways in which English-speaking jurisdictions have responded to concerns about practices in the police interrogation of suspects. Since the mid-1990s, a stark contrast hasExpand
Anh Hai: Policing, Culture and Social Exclusion in a Street Heroin Market
This paper reports research on how Indo-Chinese youth experience and perceive policing in Cabramatta, a predominantly Vietnamese community located in South Western Sydney. Interviews were conductedExpand