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A Theory of Timed Automata
Alur, R. and D.L. Dill, A theory of timed automata, Theoretical Computer Science 126 (1994) 183-235. We propose timed (j&e) automata to model the behavior of real-time systems over time. OurExpand
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Model-Checking in Dense Real-time
Model-checking is a method of verifying concurrent systems in which a state-transition graph model of the system behavior is compared with a temporal logic formula. This paper extends model-checkingExpand
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EXE: Automatically Generating Inputs of Death
This article presents EXE, an effective bug-finding tool that automatically generates inputs that crash real code. Instead of running code on manually or randomly constructed input, EXE runs it onExpand
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Reluplex: An Efficient SMT Solver for Verifying Deep Neural Networks
Deep neural networks have emerged as a widely used and effective means for tackling complex, real-world problems. However, a major obstacle in applying them to safety-critical systems is the greatExpand
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Automata For Modeling Real-Time Systems
To model the behavior of finite-state asynchronous real-time systems we propose the notion of timed Buchi automata (TBA). TBAs are Buchi automata coupled with a mechanism to express constant boundsExpand
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Timing Assumptions and Verification of Finite-State Concurrent Systems
  • D. Dill
  • Computer Science
  • Automatic Verification Methods for Finite State…
  • 12 June 1989
We have described a scheme that allows timing assumptions to be incorporated into automatic proofs of arbitrary finite-state temporal properties. The obvious extension is to be able to prove timingExpand
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A Decision Procedure for Bit-Vectors and Arrays
STP is a decision procedure for the satisfiability of quantifier-free formulas in the theory of bit-vectors and arrays that has been optimized for large problems encountered in software analysisExpand
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Trace theory for automatic hierarchical verification of speed-independent circuits
  • D. Dill
  • Computer Science
  • ACM distinguished dissertations
  • 7 September 1989
A theory of automatic hierarchical verification of speed-independent circuits is developed and implemented. The theory models circuits as trace structures. Trace structures represent the behaviors ofExpand
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Symbolic Model Checking: 10^20 States and Beyond
A general method that represents the state space symbolically instead of explicitly is described. The generality of the method comes from using a dialect of the mu-calculus as the primaryExpand
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