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Communication by EPR devices
A recent proposal to achieve faster-than-light communication by means of an EPR-type experimental set-up is examined. We demonstrate that such superluminal communication is not possible. The crucialExpand
Overlap and distinguishability of quantum states
Abstract It is a central point in the quantum theory of measurement that it is impossible to discriminate perfectly between two non-orthogonal quantum states if only one physical system isExpand
A Contextual Approach to Scientific Understanding
This analysis provides a general account of how understanding is provided by scientific explanations of diverse types and reconciles conflicting views of explanatory understanding, such as the causal-mechanical and the unificationist conceptions. Expand
A Perspectival Version of the Modal Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics and the Origin of Macroscopic Behavior
We study the process of observation (measurement), within the framework of a “perspectival” (“relational,” “relative state”) version of the modal interpretation of quantum mechanics. We show that ifExpand
The Formalism of Quantum Theory: An Objective Description of Reality?
We argue that the formalism of quantum theory can be given an empirical interpretation (in the sense of a connection with observable phenomena) in the same way as in any other empirical theory. InExpand
Becoming, relativity and locality
It is a central aspect of our ordinary concept of time that history unfolds and events come into being. It is only natural to take this seriously. However, it is notoriously difficult to explainExpand
Emergence in Holographic Scenarios for Gravity
‘Holographic’ relations between theories have become an important theme in quantum gravity research. These relations entail that a theory without gravity is equivalent to a gravitational theory withExpand
The Gibbs paradox and the distinguishability of identical particles
Identical classical particles are distinguishable. This distinguishability affects the number of ways W a macrostate can be realized on the microlevel, and from the relation S=k ln W leads to aExpand
Quantum mechanics without the projection postulate and its realistic interpretation
It is widely held that quantum mechanics is the first scientific theory to present scientifically internal, fundamental difficulties for a realistic interpretation (in the philosophical sense). TheExpand
Quantum Mechanics and Perspectivalism
  • D. Dieks
  • Physics, Computer Science
  • Quantum Worlds
  • 28 January 2018
It is argued that perspectivalism both evades recent arguments that single-world interpretations are inconsistent and eliminates the need for a privileged rest frame in the relativistic case. Expand