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Controls on the stable isotope composition of seasonal growth bands in aragonitic fresh-water bivalves (unionidae)
Abstract Water temperature, oxygen isotope composition and the δ13C of dissolved inorganic carbon were measured in 2 southern Michigan rivers, the Huron River and Fleming Creek, between lateExpand
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Seasonal stable isotope evidence for a strong Asian monsoon throughout the past 10.7 m.y
O of wet-season rainfall was significantly morenegative (29.5‰ SMOW) prior to 7.5 Ma than after ( 26.5‰SMOW). If this change is attributable to a lessening of the amounteffect in rainfall, this agreesExpand
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High and dry in central Tibet during the Late Oligocene
The time at which the Tibetan Plateau rose to its present high elevation remains controversial, with estimates ranging from 40 Ma to more recent than 7 Ma. New stable isotope analyses of modern andExpand
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Uplift-driven climate change at 12 Ma: a long δ18O record from the NE margin of the Tibetan plateau
Carbonates from fluvial and lacustrine sediments were sampled from multiple measured sections in the Linxia basin of western China.Based on textural and mineralogical evidence, lacustrine carbonatesExpand
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Atlantic Forcing of Persistent Drought in West Africa
Although persistent drought in West Africa is well documented from the instrumental record and has been primarily attributed to changing Atlantic sea surface temperatures, little is known about theExpand
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Ecological consequences of early Late Pleistocene megadroughts in tropical Africa
Extremely arid conditions in tropical Africa occurred in several discrete episodes between 135 and 90 ka, as demonstrated by lake core and seismic records from multiple basins [Scholz CA, Johnson TC,Expand
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Controls on isotopic chemistry of the American oyster, Crassostrea virginica: implications for growth patterns
Abstract The American or eastern oyster, Crassostrea virginica , can potentially serve as a recorder of environmental change in estuarine habitats. However, before oysters can confidently be used toExpand
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High times on the Tibetan Plateau: Paleoelevation of the Thakkhola graben, Nepal
East-west extension in the Tibetan Plateau is generally assumed to have resulted from gravitational collapse following thickening and uplift. On the basis of this assumption, several studies haveExpand
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Cross-Calibration of Daily Growth Increments, Stable Isotope Variation, and Temperature in the Gulf of California Bivalve Mollusk Chione cortezi: Implications for Paleoenvironmental Analysis
Abstract Annual-oxygen isotope profiles from two live-collected specimens of Chione cortezi Carpenter were analyzed in conjunction with daily growth-increment width profiles and high-resolutionExpand
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Oxygen isotope evidence for high-altitude snow in the Laramide Rocky Mountains of North America during the Late Cretaceous and Paleogene
The δ 18 O values of river waters in Late Cretaceous and Paleogene basins of Alberta, Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado are calculated from the isotopic composition of unaltered aragonite molluskExpand
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