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Water mass exchange and variations in seawater temperature in the NW Tethys during the Early Jurassic: Evidence from neodymium and oxygen isotopes of fish teeth and belemnites
article i nfo Oxygen and neodymium isotope analyses performed on biostratigraphically well-dated fish remains recovered from the Hettangian to Toarcian of the Paris Basin were used to reconstructExpand
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Description de nouveaux morphotypes dentaires de Batomorphii toarciens (Jurassique inférieur) du Bassin de Paris: Archaeobatidae nov. fam.
Several new dental morphotypes of rays were found through screening of residues of Toarcian sediments from French, Belgian and Luxembourg localities in the Paris Basin. The new taxa are: ToarcibatisExpand
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Aquatic resources in human diet in the Late Mesolithic in Northern France and Luxembourg: insights from carbon, nitrogen and sulphur isotope ratios
We investigated the contribution of freshwater resources to the diet of seven Late Mesolithic hunter-gatherers (ca. 5300–7000 BC) from Northern France and Luxembourg using stable isotope ratios. InExpand
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Embryonic shell structure of Early–Middle Jurassic belemnites, and its significance for belemnite expansion and diversification in the Jurassic
Early Jurassic belemnites are of particular interest to the study of the evolution of skeletal morphology in Lower Carboniferous to the uppermost Cretaceous belemnoids, because they signal the begiExpand
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A new microvertebrate fauna from the Middle Hettangian (Early Jurassic) of Fontenoille (Province of Luxembourg, south Belgium)
s book : 74. MUIR, M. & J.H.A. VAN KONIJNENBURG-VAN CITTERT, 1970 : A rhaetic-liassic flora from Airel (northern France). Palaeontology 13 (3) : 433-442. MULLER, J., 1844 : Ueber den Bau und dieExpand
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Nd isotope constraints on ocean circulation, paleoclimate, and continental drainage during the Jurassic breakup of Pangea
The breakup of Pangea and onset of growth of the Pacific plate led to several paleoenvironmental feedbacks, which radically affected paleoclimate and ocean chemistry during the Jurassic. Overall,Expand
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Microcleidus melusinae, a new plesiosaurian (Reptilia, Plesiosauria) from the Toarcian of Luxembourg
Abstract Most of the known and most-complete Early Jurassic specimens of plesiosaurians were recovered from the United Kingdom and Germany, and few specimens from that age originate from other areasExpand
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New lithostratigraphical, sedimentological, mineralogical and palaeontological data on the Mesozoic of Belgian Lorraine: a progress report
A multidisciplinary study of some extensively cored boreholes together with the new 1/25.000 geological mapping of Wallonia led us to propose a new lithostratigraphic canvas for Belgian Lorraine.Expand
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Late Triassic pycnodont fish remains (Neopterygii, Pycnodontiformes) from the Germanic basin
Abstract.Isolated dental remains of pycnodont fishes are recorded from the upper Norian (Upper Triassic) of the Germanic basin for the first time. The only complete prearticular dentition differsExpand
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