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A Tactic Language for the System Coq
We propose a new tactic language for the system Coq, which is intended to enrich the current tactic combinators (tacticals). Expand
Zenon : An Extensible Automated Theorem Prover Producing Checkable Proofs
We present Zenon, an automated theorem prover for first order classical logic (with equality), based on the tableau method. Expand
Zenon Modulo: When Achilles Outruns the Tortoise Using Deduction Modulo
We propose an extension of the tableau-based first order automated theorem prover Zenon to deduction modulo, which allows us to transform axioms into rewrite rules. Expand
A Proof Dedicated Meta-Language
  • D. Delahaye
  • Computer Science
  • Electron. Notes Theor. Comput. Sci.
  • 1 December 2002
We describe a proof dedicated meta-language, called Ltac, in the context of the Coq proof assistant. Expand
Certifying Airport Security Regulations Using the Focal Environment
Focal is an object-oriented specification and proof system, where we can write programs together with properties which can be proved semi-automatically.We present the formalization of regulations intended to ensure airport security in the framework of civil aviation. Expand
SMT Solving Modulo Tableau and Rewriting Theories
We propose an automated theorem prover that combines an SMT solver with tableau calculus and rewriting, for which we introduce an algorithm based on superposition, but where all clauses contain a single atomic formula. Expand
Information Retrieval in a Coq Proof Library Using Type Isomorphisms
We propose a method to search for a lemma in a Coq proof library by using the lemma type as a key. Expand
Dedukti : a Logical Framework based on the λ Π-Calculus Modulo Theory
Dedukti is a Logical Framework based on the λΠ-Calculus Modulo Theory. We show that many theories can be expressed in Dedukti: constructive and classical predicate logic, Simple type theory,Expand
Extracting Purely Functional Contents from Logical Inductive Types
We propose a method to extract purely functional contents from logical inductive types in the context of the Calculus of Inductive Constructions. Expand