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Human Identity and Bioethics
When philosophers address personal identity, they usually explore numerical identity: What are the criteria for a person’s continuing existence? When nonphilosophers address personal identity, theyExpand
Taking Animals Seriously-Mental life and moral status
1. A short primer on animal ethics 2. The coherence model of ethical justification 3. Animals' moral status and the issue of equal consideration 4. Motivation and methods for studying animal minds 5.Expand
Moral enhancement, freedom, and what we (should) value in moral behaviour
  • D. Degrazia
  • Sociology, Medicine
  • Journal of Medical Ethics
  • 25 January 2013
The paper considers the shape and content of moral improvement, addressing at some length a challenge presented by reasonable moral pluralism and arguing that there is nothing inherently wrong with moral bioenhancement. Expand
Advance directives, dementia, and 'the someone else problem'
'The someone else problem' is effectively dissolved, while it is noted that a related problem (one beyond the paper's scope) may persist and a few implications beyond advance directives are identified. Expand
Prozac, enhancement, and self-creation.
  • D. Degrazia
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • The Hastings Center report
  • 4 March 2000
After extended periods of introspection, fueled by her impending birthday and the discussions that took place in the psychiatric consultation, Marina decides that she wants to become more outgoing, confident, and decisive professionally; less prone to feelings of being socially excluded, slighted, or unworthy of a good partner; and less obsessional generally. Expand
Common Morality, Coherence, and the Principles of Biomedical Ethics
  • D. Degrazia
  • Sociology, Medicine
  • Kennedy Institute of Ethics journal
  • 11 September 2003
This essay critically evaluates the fifth edition's discussion of common morality and, to a lesser extent, its treatment of coherence (both the model of ethical justification and the associated concept). Expand
Animal Rights: A Very Short Introduction
Preface 1. Introduction to the Issues 2. The Moral Status of Animals 3. What Animals are Like 4. The Harms of Suffering, Confinement, and Death 5. Meat-Eating 6. Keeping Pets and Zoo Animals 7.Expand
Moral Status As a Matter of Degree
Some people contend that fetuses have moral status but less than that of paradigm persons. Many people hold views implying that sentient animals have moral status but less than that of persons. TheseExpand