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A survey and overview of habitat fragmentation experiments.
Habitat destruction and fragmentation are the root causes of many conservation problems. We conducted a literature survey and canvassed the ecological community to identify experimental studies ofExpand
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Life-history traits predict species responses to habitat area and isolation: a cross-continental synthesis.
There is a lack of quantitative syntheses of fragmentation effects across species and biogeographic regions, especially with respect to species life-history traits. We used data from 24 independentExpand
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Conservation Value of Roadside Prairie Restoration to Butterfly Communities
It has been suggested that restoration of roadsides to native habitat can benefit wildlife by adding habitat and restoring connectivity between fragmented reserves. In Iowa, which has one of theExpand
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Direct and indirect responses of tallgrass prairie butterflies to prescribed burning
Fire is an important tool in the conservation and restoration of tallgrass prairie ecosystems. We investigated how both the vegetation composition and butterfly community of tallgrass prairieExpand
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Untangling the effects of fire, grazing, and land-use legacies on grassland butterfly communities
Many grassland ecosystems are disturbance-dependent, having evolved under the pressures of fire and grazing. Restoring these disturbances can be controversial, particularly when valued resources areExpand
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Assessing alternative futures for agriculture in Iowa, U.S.A.
The contributions of current agricultural practices to environmental degradation and the social problems facing agricultural regions are well known. However, landscape-scale alternatives to currentExpand
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Evaluation of isolated and integrated prairie reconstructions as habitat for prairie butterflies
Abstract Reconstructing prairie habitat is one of the most promising techniques for conserving the imperiled prairie ecosystem and its associated organisms. However, the degree to which reconstructedExpand
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Close-range remote sensing of aquatic macrophyte vegetation cover
This study used ground-based hyperspectral radiometry to examine variations in visible and near-infrared spectral reflectance of spatterdock (Nuphar polysepalum Engelm.) as a function of vegetationExpand
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Survival, movement, and resource use of the butterfly Parnassius clodius
Abstract.  1. A mark–recapture study was conducted on the American Apollo butterfly Parnassius clodius Menetries during three field seasons (1998–2000) to examine its movement patterns over theExpand
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Local and landscape effects on the butterfly community in fragmented Midwest USA prairie habitats
The fragmented landscape of the Midwest USA includes prairie remnants embedded in an agricultural matrix, potentially impermeable to dispersing individuals. We examined butterfly responses to localExpand
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