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The word ‘geology’
Summary Although the history of the word ‘geology’ has often been referred to by those interested in the development of the science, that history has never been fully traced. An endeavor is made toExpand
Gideon Mantell and the discovery of dinosaurs
1. Castle Place 2. Oryctology 3. Fossils of the South Downs 4. Iguanodon 5. The geology of Sussex 6. Hylaeosaurus 7. Old Steine 8. Wonders of geology 9. Crescent Lodge 10. Medals of creation 11.Expand
Graham Island, Charles Lyell, and the Craters of Elevation Controversy
C HARLES LYELL paid the first of several visits to Mount Etna, whose Val del Bove had been especially recommended to him for study, in December 1828.1 Lyell was then at the beginning of his career.Expand
The age of the earth controversy: Beginnings to Hutton
Summary Speculation concerning the age of the earth begins with civilisation itself. The creation myths of ancient Egypt and other early cultures were soon expanded into elaborate cosmologies byExpand
Robert Mallet and the founding of seismology
Summary Though the name of Robert Mallet was once inevitably associated with the scientific study of earthquakes, it is less well known today. As part of an overdue reappraisal, this essay examinesExpand
The San Francisco earthquake of 1906
Summary Though among the most famous earthquakes in modern times, San Francisco (18 April 1906) has almost always been presented as nothing more than a great human disaster. While certainly that, weExpand
“Through Science to Despair”: Geology and the Victorians
s A CURRENT, useful, easily intelligible science primarily concerned A with nature, landscape, environment, and history, geology could hardly have been bettered in appealing to Victorian tastes.'Expand
Benjamin Franklin and earthquakes
Summary Benjamin Franklin, the colonial American, maintained a now little-known interest in geological questions for more than sixty years. He began as a follower of English theorists, but soonExpand