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Suggestive contours for conveying shape
In this paper, we describe a non-photorealistic rendering system that conveys shape using lines. We go beyond contours and creases by developing a new type of line to draw: the suggestive contour.Expand
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Stylization and abstraction of photographs
Good information design depends on clarifying the meaningful structure in an image. We describe a computational approach to stylizing and abstracting photographs that explicitly responds to thisExpand
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Optical Flow Constraints on Deformable Models with Applications to Face Tracking
Optical flow provides a constraint on the motion of a deformable model. We derive and solve a dynamic system incorporating flow as a hard constraint, producing a model-based least-squares opticalExpand
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Gaze-based interaction for semi-automatic photo cropping
We present an interactive method for cropping photographs given minimal information about important content location, provided by eye tracking. Cropping is formulated in a general optimizationExpand
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An anthropometric face model using variational techniques
We describe a system that automatically generates varied geometric models of human faces. A collection of random measurements of the face is generated according to anthropometric statistics forExpand
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How well do line drawings depict shape?
This paper investigates the ability of sparse line drawings to depict 3D shape. We perform a study in which people are shown an image of one of twelve 3D objects depicted with one of six styles andExpand
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Robust clustering of eye movement recordings for quantification of visual interest
Characterizing the location and extent of a viewer's interest, in terms of eye movement recordings, informs a range of investigations in image and scene viewing. We present an automatic data-drivenExpand
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The integration of optical flow and deformable models with applications to human face shape and motion estimation
  • D. DeCarlo, D. Metaxas
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings CVPR IEEE Computer Society Conference…
  • 18 June 1996
We present a formal methodology for the integration of optical flow and deformable models. The optical flow constraint equation provides a non-holonomic constraint on the motion of the deformableExpand
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Interactive rendering of suggestive contours with temporal coherence
Line drawings can convey shape using remarkably minimal visual content. Suggestive contours, which are lines drawn at certain types of view-dependent surface inflections, were proposed recently as aExpand
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Adaptive shape evolution using blending
  • D. DeCarlo, D. Metaxas
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on…
  • 20 June 1995
We propose a shape representation scheme which allows two shapes to be combined into a single model. The desired regions of the two shapes are selected, and then merged together forming a blendedExpand
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