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Attachment Style and Subjective Motivations for Sex
The relation of attachment style to subjective motivations for sex was investigated in an Internet survey of 1999 respondents and, as predicted, attachment anxiety was positively related to overall sexual motivation and to all specific motives for sex, with the exception of physical pleasure.
Physical, Emotional, and Behavioral Reactions to Breaking Up: The Roles of Gender, Age, Emotional Involvement, and Attachment Style
Attachment-related anxiety was associated with greater preoccupation with the lost partner, greater perseveration over the loss, more extreme physical and emotional distress, exaggerated attempts to reestablish the relationship, and using drugs and alcohol to cope with loss.
“I can’t get no satisfaction”: Insecure attachment, inhibited sexual communication, and sexual dissatisfaction
An Internet survey was conducted to extend the investigation of attachment style to the domains of sexual communication and sexual satisfaction. We hypothesized that insecure attachment would be
Use of first person pronouns as a function of increased objective self-awareness and performance feedback
Abstract A recent integrating formalation in social psychology, the Duval-Wicklund theory of “objective self-awareness,” has the core assumption that attention focused on the self is always aversive
Attachment and pain: Recent findings and future directions
Recent research addressing issues regarding attachment and pain is reviewed and suggested directions for future research are offered.
Change blindness can cause mistaken eyewitness identification
The current study investigated the effects of change blindness and crime severity on eyewitness identification accuracy. This research, involving 717 subjects, examined change blindness during a
‘Interrogation-Related Regulatory Decline:’ Ego-Depletion, Failures of Self-Regulation and the Decision to Confess
As reflected in rulings ranging from Trial Courts to the U.S. Supreme Court, our judiciary commonly views as “voluntary,” and admits into evidence, interrogation-induced confessions obtained under
Implications for interaction versus effectance as mediators of the similarity-attraction relationship
Abstract The rewards of interaction interpretation of the similarity-attraction relationship implies that this relationship should be stronger when similarity has stronger implications for the
Illusory Personal Control as a Determinant of Bet Size and Type in Casino Craps Games1
Langer's (1974, 1975) theory regarding the conditions under which subjects performing a chance task will suffer from an illusion of control over the outcome has specified 6 conditions proposed to
From False Confession to Wrongful Conviction: Seven Psychological Processes
A steadily increasing tide of literature has documented the existence and causes of false confession as well as the link between false confession and wrongful conviction of the innocent. This