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The role of salt in fold-and-thrust belts
Davis, D.M. and Engelder, T., 1985. The role of salt in fold-and-thrust belts. In: N.L. Carter and S. Uycda (Editors), Collision Tectonics: Deformation of Continental Lithosphere. Tectonophysics,Expand
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Enabling Real-Time Adaptivity in MOOCs with a Personalized Next-Step Recommendation Framework
In this paper, we demonstrate a first-of-its-kind adaptive intervention in a MOOC utilizing real-time clickstream data and a novel machine learned model of behavior. Expand
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Computing the number of totally positive circular units which are squares
Abstract An efficient method for computing the number of invariants of the quotient group C C ⌢ T , where C is the group of circular units in the maximal real subfield of the qth cyclotomic field, qExpand
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A Between-Grade-Levels Approach to the Investigation of the Absolute Effects of Schooling on Achievement
The universal nature of school attendance precludes the experimental investigation of the absolute effect of schooling on achievement. The available empirical evidence consists of the results of postExpand
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Non-invasive assessment of tumor proliferation using triple quantum filtered 23/Na MRI: technical challenges and solutions.
We address the development of triple-quantum-filtered sodium MRI as a non-invasive surrogate measure for cell proliferation in brain tumors. We demonstrate that through careful consideration of theExpand
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Design Ecosystems: Customising the Architectural Design Environment with Software Plug‐ins
As a preface to this section dedicated to the rise of plug-ins, Daniel Davis and Guest-Editor Brady Peters describe the shift in architectural culture that has seen the adoption of scriptingExpand
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Evaluating Buildings with Computation and Machine Learning
Although computers have significantly impacted the way we design buildings, they have yet to meaningfully impact the way we evaluate buildings. In this paper we detail two case studies whereExpand
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Understanding Visual Scripts: Improving Collaboration through Modular Programming
Modularisation is a well-known method of reducing code complexity, yet architects are unlikely to modularise their visual scripts. In this paper the impact that modules used in visual scripts have onExpand
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A novel automated site survey system
Evaluating the propagation of wireless signals in and indoor environment has become important for the design of wireless local area networks (WLANs) and for predicting cell phone coverage withinExpand
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