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Array signal processing
Array signal processing (ASP) represents a class of antenna system where the output from an array is subjected to various forms of signal processing (e.g. phase and amplitude control, time delay or
Optical coherence-domain reflectometry: a new optical evaluation technique.
An optical evaluation technique is described that is suitable for determining the positions and magnitudes of reflection sites within miniature optical assemblies. This method utilizes the coherence
A transformation between the phasing techniques required for linear and circular aerial arrays
The paper describes a method for producing an angular deflection, or continuous rotation, of any directional pattern formed from a circular (or cylindrical) array, by means of a simple linear
Effect of directional elements on the directional response of circular antenna arrays
The paper analyses the effect of directional elements on circular antenna arrays fed by phase-mode excitations. These phase modes represent a convenient pattern-synthesis technique for circular
Low sidelobe patterns from thinned arrays using multiplicative processing
The paper describes a new technique for achieving low-sidelobe directional patterns (-35 dB) from thinned arrays. The concept employs multiplicative processing and is therefore restricted to
Directional properties of circular arrays
The paper discusses the possible forms of directional patterns obtainable for single-ring circular arrays. Consideration is given only to the patterns which lie in the same plane as the array. A
Synthesis of a single null response in an otherwise omnidirectional pattern using a circular array
The paper discusses a method for designing an antenna array having an omnidirectional pattern in the horizontal plane plus a single steerable null, and shows that attractive pattern characteristics can be achieved through this method of synthesis.
OFDR diagnostics for fibre and integrated-optic systems
Optical frequency-domain reflectometry (OFDR) shows promise as a diagnostic tool for high-resolution ranging in fibre/integrated-optic systems, and in high-resolution distributed fibre-optic sensors.
Method of phase-modulating signals in optical fibres: application to optical-telemetry systems
By attaching a piezoelectric transducer that modulates the mechanical tension over a short section of fibre, signals in optical fibres are phase modulated. The technique is applicable to a I-way