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Advances in artificial immune systems
  • D. Dasgupta
  • Computer Science, Biology
    IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine
  • 1 November 2006
Although still relatively young, the artificial immune system (AIS) is emerging as an active and attractive, field involving models, techniques and applications of greater diversity.
Artificial Immune Systems and Their Applications
  • D. Dasgupta
  • Computer Science
    Springer Berlin Heidelberg
  • 1 October 1998
This book provides an overview of artificial immune systems, explaining its applications in areas such as immunological memory, anomaly detection algorithms, and modeling the effects of prior infection on vaccine efficacy.
Real-Valued Negative Selection Algorithm with Variable-Sized Detectors
Preliminary results demonstrate that the new approach enhances the negative selection algorithm in efficiency and reliability without significant increase in complexity.
New ideas in optimization
The techniques treated in this text represent research as elucidated by the leaders in the field and are applied to real problems, such as hilllclimbing, simulated annealing, and tabu search.
Anomaly Detection Using Real-Valued Negative Selection
A real-valued representation for the negative selection algorithm and its applications to anomaly detection that uses only normal samples to generate abnormal samples, which are used as input to a classification algorithm.
An immunity-based technique to characterize intrusions in computer networks
A technique inspired by the negative selection mechanism of the immune system that can detect foreign patterns in the complement (nonself) space is presented, which demonstrates the usefulness of such a technique to detect a wide variety of intrusive activities on networked computers.
A Survey of Game Theory as Applied to Network Security
This paper surveys the existing game theoretic solutions which are designed to enhance network security and presents a taxonomy for classifying the proposed solutions and should provide the reader with a better understanding of game theory solutions to a variety of cyber security problems.
Immunological Computation: Theory and Applications
Immunological Computation: Theory and Applications presents up-to-date immunity-based computational techniques based on the negative selection process that occurs in the thymus and examines immune networks, including continuous and discrete immune network models.