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Ranging With Ultrawide Bandwidth Signals in Multipath Environments
We explore UWB TOA estimation techniques and analyze their performance in the presence of multipath and interference. Expand
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New exponential bounds and approximations for the computation of error probability in fading channels
We present new exponential bounds for the Gaussian Q function (one- and two-dimensional) and its inverse, and for M-ary phase-shift-keying (MPSK) error probabilities over additive white Gaussian noise channels. Expand
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A theoretical characterization of nonlinear distortion effects in OFDM systems
This paper presents a theoretical characterization of nonlinear distortion effects in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) transmission systems with bandpass memoryless nonlinearities. Expand
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An Overview on Wireless Sensor Networks Technology and Evolution
Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) enable new applications and require non-conventional paradigms for protocol design due to several constraints. Expand
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Indoor Tracking: Theory, Methods, and Technologies
This paper presents a survey on indoor wireless tracking of mobile nodes from a signal processing perspective. Expand
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Ordered subcarrier selection algorithm for OFDM-based high-speed WLANs
  • D. Dardari
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications
  • 1 September 2004
In this letter, a low-complexity and low-overhead adaptive bit-loading algorithm for wireless multicarrier schemes is proposed and analyzed. Expand
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Position Error Bound for UWB Localization in Dense Cluttered Environments
Range-only localization techniques in dense cluttered environments typically lack accuracy due, notably, to partial and complete line-of-sight (LOS) blockage. Expand
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Threshold-Based Time-of-Arrival Estimators in UWB Dense Multipath Channels
The need for accurate positioning has gained significant interest recently, especially in cluttered environments where signals from satellite navigation systems are not reliable. Expand
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Time of Arrival Estimation for UWB Localizers in Realistic Environments
This paper investigates time of arrival (ToA) estimation methods for ultra-wide bandwidth (UWB) propagation signals. Expand
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Improved Lower Bounds on Time-of-Arrival Estimation Error in Realistic UWB Channels
This paper investigates lower bounds on time-of-arrival (ToA) estimation error for ultrawide bandwidth ranging systems operating in realistic multipath environments using IEEE 802.15.4a channel models and experimentally measured data. Expand
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