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Incarcerated Mothers and Fathers: A Comparison of Risks for Children and Families
The current study investigates differences between inmate mothers' and fathers' reported rates of incarcera- tion for family members, adult children, predictors of adult children's incarceration, andExpand
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Children with incarcerated mothers: Developmental outcomes, special challenges and recommendations
Incarcerated mothers represent a rapidly growing sector of the prison population. This review of the literature presents research examining the psychological and socio-emotional well-being ofExpand
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Children's contact with their incarcerated parents: research findings and recommendations.
Approximately 1.7 million children have parents who are incarcerated in prison in the United States, and possibly millions of additional children have a parent incarcerated in jail. Many affectedExpand
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Teachers' Experiences with and Expectations of Children with Incarcerated Parents.
Abstract Children with incarcerated parents, and mothers in particular, are at increased risk for academic failure and school dropout. In two studies, we examined teachers' experiences with childrenExpand
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Emergence of attributional style and its relation to depressive symptoms.
The development of depressive attributional style (AS) and its role as a cognitive diathesis for depression were examined in children and adolescents (Grades 2-9). In a 4-wave longitudinal study of 3Expand
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The Relation of Exposure to Parental Criminal Activity, Arrest, and Sentencing to Children’s Maladjustment
We examined the psychosocial maladjustment of 32 children with an incarcerated parent from the child’s perspective as well as from the perspective of their caregiver. We focused on the relationExpand
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Parental Incarceration and Multiple Risk Experiences: Effects on Family Dynamics and Children’s Delinquency
Children of incarcerated parents are exposed to factors that place them at risk for delinquency. Few studies have examined the effects of having an incarcerated parent after controlling for otherExpand
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Relation of Positive and Negative Parenting to Children's Depressive Symptoms
This study examined the combined and cumulative effects of supportive-positive and harsh-negative parenting behaviors on children's depressive symptoms. A diverse sample of 515 male and femaleExpand
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Disentangling the prospective relations between maladaptive cognitions and depressive symptoms.
In a four-wave, cohort-longitudinal design with a community sample of 515 children and adolescents (grades 2 through 9), this study examined the longitudinal structure of and prospectiveExpand
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Predicting children's separation anxiety at age 6: The contributions of infant–mother attachment security, maternal sensitivity, and maternal separation anxiety
Abstract The purpose of the present investigation was to examine the precursors and familial conditions which sustain school-aged children's separation anxiety. In a prospective, longitudinal studyExpand
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