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Fast Ion Transport in Solids, Solid State Batteries and Devices
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Station Blackout at Browns Ferry Unit One - accident sequence analysis. Volume 1
This study describes the predicted response of Unit 1 at the Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant to Station Blackout, defined as a loss of offsite power combined with failure of all onsite emergencyExpand
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BWR 4/Mark I accident sequences assessment
This work uses the MARCH computer code to investigate the major events that may occur at a BWR 4/Mark I nuclear power plant following a number of postulated transients. These events are, in turn,Expand
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BWR in-plant emergency responses during degraded core accidents
BWR containment failure analysis during degraded-core accidents
This paper presents a containment failure mode analysis during a spectrum of postulated degraded core accident sequences in a typical 1000-MW(e) boiling water reactor (BWR) with a Mark-I wetwellExpand
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Severe-accident-sequence assessment of hypothetical complete-station blackout at the Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant
An investigation has been made of various accident sequence which may occur following a complete loss of offsite and onsite ac power at a Boiling Water Reactor nuclear power plant. The investigationExpand
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Use of PRA in assessing BWR vessel level instrumentation
This paper discusses the regulatory application of probabilistic risk assessment (PRA) in assessing Generic Issue 50, Reactor Vessel Level Instrumentation in BWRs. Results of this study led to theExpand
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