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Modulation of troponin T molecular conformation and flexibility by metal ion binding to the NH2-terminal variable region.
Troponin T (TnT) plays an allosteric signal transduction role in the actin thin-filament-based Ca(2+)-regulation of striated muscle contraction. Developmentally regulated alternative RNA splicingExpand
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Calmodulin-sensitive interaction of human nebulin fragments with actin and myosin.
Nebulin is a giant protein ruler of the actin filament of skeletal muscle. This modular protein primarily consists of a repeating sequence (module) of 35 residues and a superrepeat of seven modules.Expand
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The dance of actin and myosin
  • D. D. Root
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Cell Biochemistry and Biophysics
  • 2007
Actin and myosin interact in a cyclic series of steps linked to the hydrolysis of ATP that are representative of an ancient and widespread molecular mechanism. Spectroscopic findings are related toExpand
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Cooperativity of thiol-modified myosin filaments. ATPase and motility assays of myosin function.
The effects of chemical modifications of myosin's reactive cysteines on actomyosin adenosine triphosphatase (ATPase) activities and sliding velocities in the in vitro motility assays were examined inExpand
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Coiled-Coil Nanomechanics and Uncoiling and Unfolding of the Superhelix and α-Helices of Myosin
The nanomechanical properties of the coiled-coils of myosin are fundamentally important in understanding muscle assembly and contraction. Force spectra of single molecules of double-headed myosin,Expand
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Catalytic cooperativity induced by SH1 labeling of myosin filaments.
Modifications of SH1 groups on isolated myosin subfragment 1 (S-1) and myosin in muscle fibers affect differently the acto-S-1 ATPase and the fiber properties. Consistent with the findings of earlierExpand
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A computational comparison of the atomic models of the actomyosin interface
  • D. D. Root
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Cell Biochemistry and Biophysics
  • 2007
Several atomic models of the actomyosin interface have been proposed based on the docking together of their component structures using electron microscopy and resonance energy-transfer measurements.Expand
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Binding of calcium ions to an avian flight muscle troponin T.
Numerous troponin T (TnT) isoforms are generated by alternative RNA splicing primarily in its N-terminal hypervariable region, but the functions of these isoforms are not completely understood. HereExpand
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High-affinity actin-binding nebulin fragments influence the actoS1 complex.
Human nebulin fragments, NA3 and NA4, corresponding to individual superrepeats display high-affinity interactions with individual actin protomers in cosedimentation and solid-phase binding assays.Expand
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Domain motion between the regulatory light chain and the nucleotide site in skeletal myosin.
  • J. Xu, D. D. Root
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Journal of structural biology
  • 1 October 1998
Resonance energy transfer probes were attached to skeletal myosin's nucleotide site and regulatory light chain (RLC) to examine nucleotide analog-induced structural transitions. A novel chemicalExpand
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