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Stability of time‐delay systems
A direct method is presented for determining both local and regional stability of systems described by nonlinear differential-difference equations. Prediction of stability is with respect to aExpand
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A random pore model for fluid‐solid reactions: I. Isothermal, kinetic control
For fluid-solid reactions, a random pore model is developed which allows for arbitrary pore size distributions in the reacting solid. The model can represent the behavior of a system that shows aExpand
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Effect of the product layer on the kinetics of the CO2‐lime reaction
The kinetics of reaction between CO2 and lime is investigated in the range of 673 to 998 K with a view to examining the effects of product layer deposition and variations in the limestone calcinationExpand
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A random pore model for fluid‐solid reactions: II. Diffusion and transport effects
The prior random pore model for kinetically controlled fluid-solid reaction (Bhatia and Perlmutter, 1980) is generalized to include transport effects arising from boundary layer, intraparticle, andExpand
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The catalyst handbook
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The effect of pore structure on fluid‐solid reactions: Application to the SO2‐lime reaction
The effect of varying pore structures on the kinetics of fluid-solid reactions is investigated through the random pore model developed in prior papers (Bhatia and Perlmutter, 1980, 1981). ByExpand
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The oxidation of bituminous COAL—II experimental kinetics and interpretation
Abstract An experimental kinetic study was made on the oxidation of bituminous coal and the results were used to test the mathematical model presented in Part I. Satisfactory agreement was observedExpand
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Thermal decomposition of metal nitrates and their hydrates
Abstract A study is reported of the controlled decompositions of various metal nitrates and their common hydrates, carried out in a thermogravimetric analyzer, a differential scanning calorimeter,Expand
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The oxidation of bituminous coal—I Development of a mathematical model
Abstract A general rate expression based on a proposed dual-path reaction model is developed for the oxidation of coal under mild conditions such as are useful in pretreatment for gasification. TheExpand
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Unified treatment of structural effects in fluid‐solid reactions
By considering reaction and diffusion through a product layer and concomitant movement of pore and reaction surfaces, a general rate equation is derived for fluid-solid reactions. Application to theExpand
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