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The Just War Tradition: An Introduction
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The Greek sophists : teachers of virtue
This dissertation is a study of the Greek sophists as teachers of aretê (virtue or human excellence) and a study of the conflict between sophistic and Socratic political values as portrayed in theExpand
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Liberal Education: Its Conditions and Ends
Abstract This article describes liberal education as it comes to light not historically but philosophically, taking the word liber (free) as its chief distinguishing feature. It considers whatExpand
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George Santayana on Liberalism and the Spiritual Life
Fall 2003 ANYONE WHO CONSULTS THE ARCHIVES of the late philosopher Eric Voegelin can read the surprising, and to some minds frustrating, letter that Voegelin wrote to the historian George H. Nash.Expand
Voegelin and Aristotle on Nous : What is Noetic Political Science?
The article examines Voegelin's understanding of nous as the ground for theorizing, and relates this back to Aristotle. Aristotle is shown to have understood the activities of nous in two distinctExpand
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Liberalism and the Modern Quest for Freedom
What is liberalism? What accounts for its tendency to change over time? Corey answers these questions by situating liberalism within a much broader, more powerfully sweeping historical movement, theExpand
Luther and the Just-War Tradition
Abstract Historians of the just-war tradition frequently cite Martin Luther as a major proponent of the just war in the sixteenth century and assimilate his views to those of earlier writers such asExpand
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