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Versatile low power media access for wireless sensor networks
B-MAC's flexibility results in better packet delivery rates, throughput, latency, and energy consumption than S-MAC, and the need for flexible protocols to effectively realize energy efficient sensor network applications is illustrated. Expand
TOSSIM: accurate and scalable simulation of entire TinyOS applications
TOSSIM, a simulator for TinyOS wireless sensor networks can capture network behavior at a high fidelity while scaling to thousands of nodes, by using a probabilistic bit error model for the network. Expand
System architecture directions for networked sensors
Key requirements are identified, a small device is developed that is representative of the class, a tiny event-driven operating system is designed, and it is shown that it provides support for efficient modularity and concurrency-intensive operation. Expand
Telos: enabling ultra-low power wireless research
Telos is the latest in a line of motes developed by UC Berkeley to enable wireless sensor network (WSN) research, a new mote design built from scratch based on experiences with previous mote generations, with three major goals to enable experimentation: minimal power consumption, easy to use, and increased software and hardware robustness. Expand
TinyOS: An Operating System for Sensor Networks
A qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the TinyOS system is provided, showing that it supports complex, concurrent programs with very low memory requirements and efficient, low-power operation. Expand
PlanetLab: an overlay testbed for broad-coverage services
This paper discribes the initial implementation of PlanetLab, including the mechanisms used to impelment virtualization, and the collection of core services used to manage PlanetLab. Expand
Taming the underlying challenges of reliable multihop routing in sensor networks
This work study and evaluate link estimator, neighborhood table management, and reliable routing protocol techniques, and narrow the design space through evaluations on large-scale, high-level simulations to 50-node, in-depth empirical experiments. Expand
Transmission of IPv6 Packets over IEEE 802.15.4 Networks
This document describes the frame format for transmission of IPv6 packets and the method of forming IPv6 link-local addresses and statelessly autoconfigured addresses on IEEE 802.15.4 networks.Expand
The dynamic behavior of a data dissemination protocol for network programming at scale
It appears very hard to significantly improve upon the rate obtained by Deluge and it is argued that the rates obtained for dissemination are inherently lower than that for single path propagation. Expand
Wireless sensor networks for habitat monitoring
An in-depth study of applying wireless sensor networks to real-world habitat monitoring and an instance of the architecture for monitoring seabird nesting environment and behavior is presented. Expand