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Theoretical uncertainties for cosmological first-order phase transitions
We critically examine the magnitude of theoretical uncertainties in perturbative calculations of first-order phase transitions, using the Standard Model effective field theory as our guide. In theExpand
Wess–Zumino inflation in light of Planck
Abstract We discuss cosmological inflation in the minimal Wess–Zumino model with a single massive chiral supermultiplet. With suitable parameters and assuming a plausible initial condition at theExpand
Non-locality in quantum field theory due to general relativity
We show that general relativity coupled to a quantum field theory generically leads to non-local effects in the matter sector. These non-local effects can be described by non-local higher dimensionalExpand
Hidden-Sector Spectroscopy with Gravitational Waves from Binary Neutron Stars
We show that neutron star binaries can be ideal laboratories to probe hidden sectors with a long range force. In particular, it is possible for gravitational wave detectors such as LIGO and Virgo toExpand
Boson Star from Repulsive Light Scalars and Gravitational Waves
We study properties of boson stars consisting of ultra-light scalar dark matter with repulsive self-interactions. We investigate the origin of the maximum mass of spherically symmetric stable starsExpand
Model discrimination in gravitational wave spectra from dark phase transitions
A bstractIn anticipation of upcoming gravitational wave experiments, we provide a comprehensive overview of the spectra predicted by phase transitions triggered by states from a large variety of darkExpand
Gravitational waves from a Pati-Salam phase transition
A bstractWe analyse the gravitational wave and low energy signatures of a Pati-Salam phase transition. For a Pati-Salam scale of MPS ∼ 105 GeV, we find a stochastic power spectrum within reach of theExpand
Reheating with a composite Higgs boson
The flatness of the inflaton potential and lightness of the Higgs boson could have the common origin of the breaking of a global symmetry. This scenario provides a unified framework of GoldstoneExpand
Subaru through a different lens: microlensing by extended dark matter structures
We investigate gravitational microlensing signals produced by a spatially extended object transiting in front of a finite-sized source star. The most interesting features arise for lens and sourceExpand
Goldstone inflation
A bstractIdentifying the inflaton with a pseudo-Goldstone boson explains the flatness of its potential. Successful Goldstone Inflation should also be robust against UV corrections, such as fromExpand