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A benchmark for the evaluation of RGB-D SLAM systems
In this paper, we present a novel benchmark for the evaluation of RGB-D SLAM systems. We recorded a large set of image sequences from a Microsoft Kinect with highly accurate and time-synchronizedExpand
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LSD-SLAM: Large-Scale Direct Monocular SLAM
We propose a direct (feature-less) monocular SLAM algorithm which, in contrast to current state-of-the-art regarding direct methods, allows to build large-scale, consistent maps of the environment.Expand
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Direct Sparse Odometry
Direct Sparse Odometry (DSO) is a visual odometry method based on a novel, highly accurate sparse and direct structure and motion formulation. It combines a fully direct probabilistic modelExpand
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One-Shot Video Object Segmentation
This paper tackles the task of semi-supervised video object segmentation, i.e., the separation of an object from the background in a video, given the mask of the first frame. We present One-ShotExpand
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An evaluation of the RGB-D SLAM system
We present an approach to simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) for RGB-D cameras like the Microsoft Kinect. Our system concurrently estimates the trajectory of a hand-held Kinect andExpand
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Robust odometry estimation for RGB-D cameras
The goal of our work is to provide a fast and accurate method to estimate the camera motion from RGB-D images. Our approach registers two consecutive RGB-D frames directly upon each other byExpand
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The wave kernel signature: A quantum mechanical approach to shape analysis
We introduce the Wave Kernel Signature (WKS) for characterizing points on non-rigid three-dimensional shapes. The WKS represents the average probability of measuring a quantum mechanical particle atExpand
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Dense visual SLAM for RGB-D cameras
In this paper, we propose a dense visual SLAM method for RGB-D cameras that minimizes both the photometric and the depth error over all pixels. In contrast to sparse, feature-based methods, thisExpand
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3-D Mapping With an RGB-D Camera
In this paper, we present a novel mapping system that robustly generates highly accurate 3-D maps using an RGB-D camera. Our approach requires no further sensors or odometry. With the availability ofExpand
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Semi-dense Visual Odometry for a Monocular Camera
We propose a fundamentally novel approach to real-time visual odometry for a monocular camera. It allows to benefit from the simplicity and accuracy of dense tracking - which does not depend onExpand
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