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Spinal pseudomeningoceles and cerebrospinal fluid fistulas.
Spinal pseudomeningoceles and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) fistulas are rare extradural collections of CSF that result following a breach in the dural-arachnoid layer. They may occur due to anExpand
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Long-term effect of contrasted tillage and crop management on soil carbon dynamics during 41 years
Abstract Although numerous studies have been conducted on the effect of tillage on soil organic carbon (SOC), there is still no consensus on the importance of sequestration which can be expected fromExpand
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Outcome Analysis of Our First 75 Spring-Assisted Surgeries for Scaphocephaly
Background: Spring-assisted surgery (SAS) has demonstrated promising results for the treatment of sagittal craniosynostosis. The purpose of this study was to assess the outcomes of the first 75 casesExpand
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Increased Incidence of Metopic Suture Abnormalities in Children With Positional Plagiocephaly
Metopic craniosynostosis has traditionally been reported to be the third most common form of single-suture synostosis. The purposes of this article were to analyze the relationship between metopicExpand
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Evaluating the Safety and Efficacy of Tranexamic Acid Administration in Pediatric Cranial Vault Reconstruction
BackgroundBlood loss is the leading cause of mortality after major craniofacial surgery. Autologous blood donation, short-term normovolemic hemodilution, and intraoperative blood salvage have shownExpand
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Effects of antibiotic-impregnated external ventricular drains on bacterial culture results: an in vitro analysis.
OBJECT Treatment of ventriculoperitoneal shunt infections frequently requires placement of an external ventricular drain (EVD). Surveillance specimens obtained from antibiotic-impregnated (AI) EVDsExpand
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Developing a hippocampal neural prosthetic to facilitate human memory encoding and recall.
OBJECTIVE We demonstrate here the first successful implementation in humans of a proof-of-concept system for restoring and improving memory function via facilitation of memory encoding using theExpand
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Blood Use in Cerebrovascular Neurosurgery
Background and Purpose— This study reviews the perioperative use of red blood cell transfusion in cerebrovascular neurosurgery. The current algorithm for preoperative ordering of red cells isExpand
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Anemia, testosterone, and pituitary adenoma in men.
OBJECT Older men with clinically nonfunctioning pituitary tumors have been noted to be anemic, to have hypopituitarism, and to have low serum levels of testosterone. The authors hypothesized that menExpand
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Effects of surgical targeting in laser interstitial thermal therapy for mesial temporal lobe epilepsy: A multicenter study of 234 patients
Laser interstitial thermal therapy (LITT) for mesial temporal lobe epilepsy (mTLE) has reported seizure freedom rates between 36% and 78% with at least 1 year of follow‐up. Unfortunately, the lack ofExpand
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