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Dose Effects of Propranolol on Cancellous and Cortical Bone in Ovariectomized Adult Rats
Animal studies suggest that bone remodeling is under β-adrenergic control via the sympathetic nervous system. The purpose of this study was to examine the preventive effect of different doses ofExpand
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Severe bone alterations under beta2 agonist treatments: bone mass, microarchitecture and strength analyses in female rats.
AIMS Beta2 adrenergic agonists are widely used in therapeutics and as doping agents by athletes. However, their effects on bone tissue, especially bone microarchitecture, remain poorly understood.Expand
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Low dose beta‐blocker prevents ovariectomy‐induced bone loss in rats without affecting heart functions
Findings from animal studies have suggested that bone remodeling is under beta‐adrenergic control. However, the level of adrenergic inhibition required to achieve the most favorable effects on theExpand
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Bone geometry and strength adaptations to physical constraints inherent in different sports: comparison between elite female soccer players and swimmers
Sports training characterized by impacts or weight-bearing activity is well known to induce osteogenic effects on the skeleton. Less is known about the potential effects on bone strength andExpand
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Preserved Bone Health in Adolescent Elite Rhythmic Gymnasts despite Hypoleptinemia
Background/ Aims: Leptin is linked to hormonal disturbances occurring in anorexia and positively linked with bone mineral density. The aim of this study was to determine whether hypoleptinemiaExpand
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Bone mineral density in prepubertal obese and control children: relation to body weight, lean mass, and fat mass
The aim of the study was to determine the influence of obesity on bone status in prepubertal children. This study included 20 obese prepubertal children (10.7 ± 1.2 years old) and 23Expand
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Cumulative effects of calcium supplementation and physical activity on bone accretion in premenarchal children: a double-blind randomised placebo-controlled trial.
High calcium intake combined with physical activity during childhood have been shown to improve bone mass accrual and bone mineral density. Our aim was to study the combined effect of calcium andExpand
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Bone health during late adolescence: effects of an 8-month training program on bone geometry in female athletes.
OBJECTIVES This study investigated the short term changes in hip structural parameters in high level adolescent soccers and swimmers. METHODS Twenty-six girl swimmers (15.9±2 years) and 32 girlExpand
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Effect of intensive swimming training on lung volumes, airway resistances and on the maximal expiratory flow-volume relationship in prepubertal girls
Abstract The aim of the present study was to analyse the effect of 1 year of intensive swimming training on lung volumes, airway resistance and on the flow-volume relationship in prepubertal girls.Expand
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Influence of body composition, hemoglobin concentration, and cardiac size and function of gender differences in maximal oxygen uptake in prepubertal children.
OBJECTIVE To determine the relative contribution of the gender difference in body composition, blood hemoglobin concentration, and cardiac dimension and function at rest and exercise of the genderExpand
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