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Acetogenins from Annonaceae: recent progress in isolation, synthesis and mechanisms of action.
The aim of the present review is to summarise the knowledge about newly isolated acetogenins (ACGs) in the last six years, together with the biological activities and mechanism of action of such interesting natural products. Expand
Natural substances (acetogenins) from the family Annonaceae are powerful inhibitors of mitochondrial NADH dehydrogenase (Complex I).
Rolliniastatin-2 shows unique properties as its interaction, although mutually exclusive to that of piericidin, appears to be mutually non-exclusive toThat of rotenone, the first time that a potent inhibitor of Complex I is found not to overlap the active site of rotonone. Expand
Acetogenins from Annonaceae, inhibitors of mitochondrial complex I.
These new secondary metabolites are potent cytotoxic inhibitors of the mitochondrial NADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase (complex I of the respiratory chain) of the Annonaceae. Expand
Styryl-lactones from Goniothalamus species— A review
Thirty-one bioactive styryl-lactones, with six different basic skeletons, have been isolated from Goniothalamus species. Aspects of their isolation, structural elucidation, biogenesis and biologicalExpand
Specific interactions of monotetrahydrofuranic annonaceous acetogenins as inhibitors of mitochondrial complex I.
The results show that the hydroxyl and carbonyl groups, placed in the aliphatic chain that links the initial gamma-lactone moiety with the dihydroxylated tetrahydrofuranic ring system, significantly contribute for modulating the inhibitory potency of the ACG through specific effects. Expand
Selective Action of Acetogenin Mitochondrial Complex I Inhibitors
The in vivo effects of these compounds on S. littoralis and their cytotoxic effects on Sf9 and tumor cells were more predictable than their effect on T. cruzi and mammalian cells. Expand
Cytotoxic and antiparasitic activity from Annona senegalensis seeds.
Several extracts of Annona senegalensis (Annonaceae) seeds were tested for antiparasitic activity against Leishmania major, Leishmania donovani, Trypanosoma brucei brucei, and for cytotoxic activityExpand
Annosenegalin and annogalene: two cytotoxic mono-tetrahydrofuran acetogenins from Annona senegalensis and Annona cherimolia.
Two new cytotoxic mono-tetrahydrofuran acetongenins, annosenegalin and annogalene, have been isolated from the cytotoxic methanolic extract of Annona senegalensis and A. cherimolia seeds. TheirExpand
Natural acetogenins from annonaceae, synthesis and mechanisms of action
The search concerning Annonaceous acetogenins has increased in the last two years. The goal of the present review is to summarize the knowledge about new isolated acetogenins as well as the advancesExpand