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Blackboard Systems
Blackboard systems are not new technology. The first blackboard system, the Hearsay-II speech understanding system [1], was developed nearly twenty years ago. While the basic features of Hearsay-IIExpand
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Trends in Cooperative Distributed Problem Solving
The authors present an overview of cooperative distributed problem solving (CDPS), an emerging research area that combines aspects of AI (artificial intelligence) and distributed processing. CDPS canExpand
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Functionally Accurate, Cooperative Distributed Systems
A new approach for structuring distributed processing systems, called functionally accurate, cooperative (FA/C), is proposed. The approach differs from conventional ones in its emphasis on handlingExpand
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The Use of Meta-Level Control for Coordination in a Distributed Problem Solving Network
Distributed problem solving networks provide an interesting application area for meta-level control through the use of organizational structuring. We describe a decentralized approach to networkExpand
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Detecting insider threats in a real corporate database of computer usage activity
This paper reports on methods and results of an applied research project by a team consisting of SAIC and four universities to develop, integrate, and evaluate new approaches to detect the weakExpand
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Hierarchical Planning in a Distributed Environment
Planning is a crucial aspect of many applications which are naturally suited to the use of distributed processing hardware. Use of a centralized planner is generally incongruous with effectiveExpand
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Collaborating software: Blackboard and multi-agent systems & the future
For the past quarter century, AI researchers have used the paradigm of collaborating software systems to tackle large and difficult problems. Blackboard systems were the first attempt at integratingExpand
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The Distributed Vehicle Monitoring Testbed: A Tool for Investigating Distributed Problem Solving Networks
Cooperative distributed problem solving networks are distributed networks of semi-autonomous processing nodes that work together to solve a single problem. The Distributed Vehicle Monitoring TestbedExpand
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Coherent Cooperation Among Communicating Problem Solvers
When two or more computing agents work on interacting tasks, their activities should be coordinated so that they cooperate coherently. Coherence is particularly problematic in domains where eachExpand
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