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Structural basis of cell-cell adhesion by cadherins
Crystal structures of the amino-terminal domain of N-cadherin provide a picture at the atomic level of a specific adhesive contact between cells. A repeated set of dimer interfaces is common to theExpand
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The Presynaptic Particle Web Ultrastructure, Composition, Dissolution, and Reconstitution
We report the purification of a presynaptic "particle web" consisting of approximately 50 nm pyramidally shaped particles interconnected by approximately 100 nm spaced fibrils. This is theExpand
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An Oligodendrocyte Cell Adhesion Molecule at the Site of Assembly of the Paranodal Axo-Glial Junction
Two major isoforms of the cell adhesion molecule neurofascin NF186 and NF155 are expressed in the central nervous system (CNS). We have investigated their roles in the assembly of the node of RanvierExpand
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A Model for Central Synaptic Junctional Complex Formation Based on the Differential Adhesive Specificities of the Cadherins
Cadherins control critical developmental events through well-documented homophilic interactions. In epithelia, they are hallmark constituents of junctions that mediate intercellular adhesion. BrainExpand
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The Active Transport of Myelin Basic Protein into the Nucleus Suggests a Regulatory Role in Myelination
The myelin basic proteins (MBPs) are a set of membrane proteins that function to adhere the cytoplasmic leaflets of the myelin bilayer. During oligodendrocyte maturation prior to compact myelinExpand
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Crystal Structure of the Extracellular Domain from P0, the Major Structural Protein of Peripheral Nerve Myelin
P0, the major protein of peripheral nerve myelin, mediates membrane adhesion in the spiral wraps of the myelin sheath. We have determined the crystal structure of the extracellular domain from P0Expand
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Structure-Function Analysis of Cell Adhesion by Neural (N-) Cadherin
To investigate the possible biological function of the lateral "strand dimer" observed in crystal structures of a D1 domain extracellular fragment from N-cadherin, we have undertaken site-directedExpand
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Molecular Modification of N-Cadherin in Response to Synaptic Activity
The relationship between adhesive interactions across the synaptic cleft and synaptic function has remained elusive. At certain CNS synapses, pre- to postsynaptic adhesion is mediated at least inExpand
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Diversification and livelihood sustainability in a semi-arid environment: A case study from southern Ethiopia
Abstract This paper examines the recently growing adoption of non-pastoral livelihood strategies among the Borana pastoralists in southern Ethiopia. A large portion of the current non-pastoralExpand
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Synthesis and incorporation of myelin polypeptides into CNS myelin
The distribution of newly synthesized proteolipid protein (PLP, 23 kdaltons) and myelin basic proteins (MBPs, 14-21.5 kdaltons) was determined in microsomal and myelin fractions prepared from theExpand
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